Outperform (and Out-Transform) With Your Digital Core

Each new generation of technology brings change to the competitive landscape. Amid this change, technological capabilities prove to be an organization’s winning differentiator or a crippling constraint. Some firms carve out dominant control positions, while former leaders cease to exist or are relegated to permanent second-tier status. A third group manages to navigate continuous waves of change, remaining leaders in their industries. What’s driving the difference among these groups? Why do some firms struggle so mightily while others seize technological change as an opportunity to reposition themselves and outpace the competition?

Enter the digital core. The digital core integrates and automates activities across customer, workforce, and business operations. It delivers the rapid insights required to transform in response to a changing environment. Firms with a strong digital core can adapt and even benefit from unforeseen volatility in their industry, competitive, and operating environments.

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In this perspective, we will explore today’s platform-led competitive landscape and show you how to configure a digital core that helps you change, adapt, outperform (and out-transform) the rest.