Setting the Stage for Operating Model Transformation

We have observed that many organizations experience significant challenges when they set out to adopt new operating models and the supporting ways of working. Some are simply going through the motions and fail to truly organize for value and continuous improvement. Still, others believe that transformation hinges on implementing or adopting a scaling framework rather than on creating a test-and-learn culture of change from the ground up.

At North Highland, we believe that the adoption of a framework isn’t enough for organizations to successfully transform their operating model to maximize value from a customer perspective. If all you do is follow the rules of an operating model or framework, you’ll never truly organize for value or instill a mindset of continuous improvement.

Many organizations also fail to realize that transformation requires continuous, wholesale change across all supporting functions, including marketing, finance, and HR. Specifically, leaders and employees alike need to unlearn years of experience, knowledge, and ways of working that people have been recognized, encouraged, and promoted for over the course of their careers. This evolution requires a profound shift from an organizational perspective; it requires leaders to reimagine everything from benefits to how people are incentivized. And without buy-in for the change, organizations will never get the traction needed to make change sustainable.