The New Rules of Digital Transformation

Need Help With Digital Transformation?

The following report draws on the results of a North Highland-sponsored survey conducted in April 2018. The survey identified the emerging trends in technology domains, along with the tactics and techniques that correlate to digital effectiveness. This report utilizes those insights to spotlight opportunities for organizations to right-size their approach to digital transformation.

Key Takeaways

The problem: The pace of innovation and change is accelerating, and in response, digital transformation remains a top priority for organizations across industries. In enabling transformation, there is a growing gap between born-digital companies like Google and legacy companies such as telecom providers, product retailers, and healthcare entities.

The analysis: For legacy and born-digital companies alike, digital transformation—grounded in a do-adapt-learn approach—is an imperative for survival.

The solution: Depending on your organization’s operating model, the rules for digital transformation will vary. Within this piece, we explore the unique opportunities, challenges, and solutions for organizations across the digital landscape:

  • Digital natives: companies whose original products are digital in nature
  • Digital adopters: companies incorporating digital to make their products better or faster
  • Legacy companies: companies digitizing existing offerings