Winning at Reskilling

Virtually every organization we encounter is undergoing some form of transformation on a continuous basis, whether it’s related to the customer, workforce, or operations. It is within this context that the importance and urgency of reskilling have reached an unprecedented pitch, as market forces and technology drive companies to adjust strategies faster and more frequently than ever before.

Reskilling has become a critical corporate competency for survival and advancement in the modern era. Yet it’s a competency few organizations have built, much less mastered. While efforts have been made toward reskilling with some notable successes, the reality is, people and organizations are struggling to keep pace and often fail to plan for reskilling at all. This new reality demands the enterprise create a malleable infrastructure and growth mindset that enables always-on transformation and supports ongoing reskilling. It also calls for organizations to create cultures that foster a thirst for constant learning among employees. In this white paper, we offer suggestions for how leaders can pause to rethink and adjust outmoded, shorter-sighted efforts and attitudes about reskilling, and prepare themselves and their workforce for an undefined future.