Workforce Transformation: Transportation Talent Development Playbook

Transportation organizations that harness emerging industry trends, solidify the new workforce, and embrace shifting customer expectations will be poised to capitalize on this upward growth trajectory and ultimately redefine industry standards. Crafting a solid talent development strategy is paramount to building an organizational foundation designed to achieve long-term goals. The Talent Development Playbook infuses transportation industry best practices with North Highland proprietary research to offer actionable steps that HR departments can implement today to ensure success tomorrow. 

The Talent Development Playbook will provide a framework to achieve the following: 

  • Acquire Top Talent – Use new hiring and recruiting trends to ramp up your talent acquisition game.
  • Train and Motivate Employees – Leverage effective training techniques to bolster the bottom-line.
  • Manage the Organization to Create Exceptional Outcomes – Align strategic priorities to staffing priorities.
  • Retain a Talented Workforce – Promote long-term success with a people-first culture.