Barbara Ray on Walking in Our Clients’ Transformation Shoes

President and Managing Director Barbara Ray takes the stage to discuss how North Highland guides its clients toward their transformation goals. During this interview with Craft of Consulting Podcast, Ray puts herself in clients’ shoes and walks listeners through the process of achieving successful and long-lasting transformation. She empathizes with clients by detailing how North Highland has been on a transformation journey itself and how its Enterprise Business Agility Program (EBAP) teams – which power its operating system – have been an instrumental part of its growth and developmental strategies. And the key is integration. 

“The integrated way of working is the only way to get to the Transformation,” said Ray. “Integration isn't a matrix. Integration is truly where the responsibility and accountability are distributed and shared. If the point of integration is at the CEO's office, it's not integration. The point of integration has to come down to lower levels.” 

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