FORBES: Alex Bombeck on Becoming a Made-For-Change Organization

In a recent article with Forbes Business Council, CEO Alex Bombeck reveals how failure is key to growth and to becoming a made-for-change organization. This realization came during Alex’s time in the advertising industry, specifically during the rise of the internet in the 1990s. Many delayed adopting digital—and being unwilling to change was seen as a failure. This taught him to not be afraid of change, and instead, adopt a “curious experimenter mindset.” 

“Leaders need to be OK with the idea that entering the unknown—even when it’s the right thing to do—comes with some degree of bumpiness,” said Bombeck. “Perhaps we need to think more like scientists, regarding unexpected results not as failures but as learnings to inform future work.” 

Alex also shares the strategy of flexibility and why it’s important for leaders and employees alike to embrace risk. To build flexibility, Alex says organizations should make the case for change, enable it through ways of working, and trust and empower employees to push this shift forward. 

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