North Highland Annual Invitation Process for 2020 Philanthropy Partners

Nonprofits in Philadelphia and Portland are Invited to Apply

February 5, 2020 (ATLANTA) - North Highland, a leading change and transformation consultancy, is excited to invite nonprofits in Philadelphia and Portland which focus on poverty disruption to apply for consideration as a pro-bono partner for 2020. This year marks North Highland’s fourth year in the firm’s philanthropic mission around economic empowerment which includes pro-bono work with nonprofit partners.  

Nonprofits in Philadelphia and Portland whose missions are focused on poverty disruption are invited to apply. Criteria for consideration include a minimum operating budget of $1 million and assets of at least $500,000. The partners selected in each city will receive consulting support from a dedicated team. 

Pro-bono partners’ missions must be aligned with poverty disruption and cannot be solely focused on its symptoms. The nonprofits’ work and strategy must center on ending homelessness, driving financial capability and/or pursuing long-term employment opportunities for at-risk individuals. Such organizations must also demonstrate strong and ongoing commitment to partnerships with civic, academic and corporate entities among others. 

“Many North Highlanders live and work in these cities and are deeply concerned about poverty’s impact on so many,” said Dianne Bernez, global head of philanthropy. “We intend to do our part to help permanently transform outcomes and opportunities for our neighbors-in-need.”  

In Philadelphia and Portland, the firm has seen a growing urgency across all sectors to identify and operationalize impactful strategies and programs that address the root causes of poverty, and which focus on ways to narrow or close the gap on inequalities that affect the working poor and other at-risk individuals and families. 

The firm also continues to partner with two nonprofits from the 2019 engagement round: Inspire in London and Veterans Bridge Home in Charlotte, N.C. In this second phase, North Highland’s work will center on operationalizing recommendations from last year to deliver stronger outcomes, as well as identifying new initiatives to strengthen and quantify impact.  

Applications are due by Friday, March 13, 2020 at 5pm PT. For more information and to apply, visit: