North Highland: Maggie McCain Honored in 2021 Women Leaders in Technology by Consulting Magazine

ATLANTA, GA (May 21, 2020) North Highland’s Maggie McCain has been named to an elite group of 2021 Women Leaders in Technology by Consulting Magazine for excellence across three categories - leadership, client service and innovation. Winners were celebrated in a recent virtual program that emphasized women’s contributions to technology consulting.

Consulting Magazine states, “The role of women in the technology field is essential. Women leaders in technology fields are often overlooked, but particularly in the consulting profession - where three-quarters of the industry is male, especially in the upper ranks. And that number is even greater in technology circles.”

McCain is a consultant with North Highland, bringing a strong background in technology expertise to help clients propel their organizations forward.

Asked about the challenges she faces as a woman in her field, she commented, “The ‘benefit-of-the-doubt’ given to men isn’t always granted to women in technology. It can take more effort and time to establish that same baseline credibility, so there is always an internal pressure to prove yourself. I’ve worked hard over the years to grow and expand my skillset in the technology space. I’m honored to have my hard work recognized - and in such great company! It is gratifying to see the progress I have made and to be recognized by my peers.”

Dwight Specht, Vice President and technology lead at North Highland, said, “Maggie is a rising star in the technology space and we’re very proud of her for this well-deserved recognition. The deep expertise she brings and her ability to lead modern software development teams is vital to driving complex transformational projects for clients. She is a leader in our technology community and a role model for all of our consultants aspiring to make their mark in the technology space.” 

CONTACT: Gemma Ruggiero,