Double Bubble for North Highland at the MCA Awards

North Highland has been named a 2021 MCA Awards Finalist by the Management Consulting Association (MCA) in not just one, but two categories.

 North Highland is a project finalist for the “Data and Innovation in the Public Sector” category, which highlights successful delivery of a project featuring an innovation in digital or disruptive technology. This includes any aspect of digital strategy, innovation and implementation which has a meaningful impact on citizens – with a focus on recognizing firms who brought wholly new approaches to delivering client value using cutting-edge technology. North Highland’s work in this category relates to a project delivered in partnership with the Financial Conduct Authority.

“Looking at the programme today, it is unrecognisable compared to 12 months ago, and hard to imagine how it could have come so far. The honest answer is ‘relationships’ and ‘cooperation’. We chose North Highland on the strength of their Programme and Product Management excellence, and how they proposed to blend that with techniques to bring all the various stakeholders together as equal partners” Sandra Paton, Programme Sponsor, FCA.

In addition, North Highland was also named a finalist in the “Performance Improvement in the Public Sector” category, for work delivered with the Intellectual Property Office. This category awards projects that demonstrate sustainable performance improvements in the areas of existing business which could include improvements in cost reduction, process design, policy making, service provision or support functions. Finalists were asked to show the return on investment in the consulting work, the benefits of greater efficiency and fundamentally the positive impacts on citizens and public sector finances.

Peter Mason, Deputy Director, Patent Examination Division at the IPO commented “The Patents Division of the IPO had never engaged external contractors before to help with this type of work, so had few preconceptions about what working with an external consultancy would bring.  The supplier has brought original thinking, deep knowledge, and curiosity to their work with us.  They have changed our view of how to innovate and develop solutions.”

Tony Doocey, Managing Director at North Highland said “I couldn’t be prouder of our consulting teams for the award-worthy work they are delivering with clients – we are focused on helping our clients make change happen, transforming their businesses while keeping people at the forefront of every decision, which is so crucial when working on Public Sector projects. We’re grateful to our clients for their partnership and for letting us encourage them to think about data, innovation and ways to improve their performance – and are thankful to the MCA for this recognition”.

Each year, the MCA awards strive to demonstrate the true value of consulting to both the private and public sector and the impact consulting has on our society. The winners will be announced on November 1, in a live video event. For more information on the MCA Awards, visit