Halloween Festivities with Bill Caswell

It’s no tricks and all treats at North Highland this year for Halloween. It’s no secret that North Highlanders love celebrating Halloween – and this year is no exception. We connected with Bill Caswell, Business Development Manager in our Orlando office, to talk about his Halloween traditions, his socially distant plans to celebrate this year and more!  

Do you have any plans for Halloween this year? 

Bill: We are once again having our annual family Halloween party, but moving to a larger outdoor format with space heaters and fire pits so we can maintain social distance. We have hosted the party almost every year for 20 years, with a couple of exceptions. It's very popular because we work hard to make it family-friendly, with lots of activities and gifts for the kids and scares for their parents! Last year we had big attendance from our local North Highland Orlando office, as well as some of our clients and their families! 

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Least favorite? 

Bill: I love the gummy brains by a small candy company called Hampton Candy Company. I have been buying from them for a decade. My least favorite is candy corn, although my kids eat plenty of that! 

Do you have any Halloween traditions? 

Bill: We have animatronic skeletons that we bought many years ago from the famous Halloween company called Fright Props. Generally, they tell jokes and read Halloween stories to partygoers and trick-or-treaters. But they also operate by a wireless mic so you can talk through them and make them say anything you want. It’s been a rite of passage every year for my kids to draw straws for who gets to operate them on Halloween. I post a camera so they can see who is walking up to the door and then they can personalize the scary chat! My three oldest are all grown and out of school, but they still come home for Halloween so they can keep the tradition alive. My two oldest daughters will both be home for this year’s festivities and are debating whose turn it is this year! 

What was the first scary movie you remember seeing? Do you have a favorite scary movie? 

Bill: I think “Creepshow” was the first scary movie I remember enjoying. My three favorite Halloween movies are “The Crow”, “Beetlejuice” and “The Blair Witch Project.” 

What has been your best Halloween costume to date? 

Bill: My family likes my Beetlejuice costume, but my personal favorite was last year’s: Daniel Craig’s Day of the Dead suit from the opening sequence in “Spectre” - I’m a big James Bond fan.