Humanizing Business Transformation at the Middle Tennessee SHRM HR Executive Forum

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, North Highland’s Greg Bradley, Global Head of Transformation, and Michelle Devereux, Principal, discussed North Highland’s white paper “Humanizing Business Transformation” at the Middle Tennessee SHRM HR Executive Forum. Approximately 25 HR executives from leading companies in the middle Tennessee area attended this forum dedicated to supporting and serving the professional development needs of senior HR professionals in the region.

Greg and Michelle presented on how the white paper findings impact human capital and shareholder experience. For human capital, they highlighted that companies will have to redefine core competencies and capabilities, while also developing strategies to recruit, retain and engage talent within this new assessment of success. For stakeholder experience, Greg and Michelle discussed how transformation of the value proposition will be delivered to the broadest range of customers, everyone from employees, shareholders, partners and other stakeholders, to survive and thrive in the future.

Greg and Michelle also shared research from this white paper that found 69 percent of organizations say it is either extremely or somewhat likely they will tackle a large-scale business transformation within the next three years. Business survival will be dependent on a company’s ability to evolve, adjust and transform.

Throughout the event, attendees participated in active dialogue and found the information valuable and insightful for their roles as HR executives.