North Highland Q&A: Chris Stanzione

We sat down with Chris Stanzione, North Highland’s new Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition, to learn about his new role, opportunities at North Highland and why he’s excited to join the firm.

Welcome to North Highland! Can you tell us about your role as Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition?

I’m thrilled to be joining North Highland. In my role, I am responsible for all full-time employee (FTE) recruiting in the U.S. and U.K. This covers positions across all North Highland employees including management consulting, global services and specialty positions.

What past experiences have helped you prepare for this role?

My previous role was at a software consulting firm where I worked closely with our Global leaders to staff our teams according to hiring plans in order for our resource management team to be able to maximize billability. Understanding those areas prepared me for coming to North Highland. Additionally, working in the fast-paced organizational staffing arena helped me realize how strategic responsiveness was needed in order to succeed. You need to understand where the hiring opportunities are and develop hiring plans accordingly.

What excites you the most about starting at North Highland?

I love learning about the people here and our purpose. One of the most exciting aspects of leading a recruiting function is that we have a direct impact on the firm’s success. When the team executes well and finds quality talent, these new hires can make a huge impact and difference at the firm. We can see the impact of a good hire very quickly.

Do you have any advice for those looking to join at North Highland?

For those wanting to join North Highland, it is important to understand the firm’s capabilities and how your skillsets align with our offerings. Look to become a subject-matter expert in an area instead of a generalist. 

As you advance in your career, specializing in a specific area is how you get recognized and known. Be able to bring new information to the firm. I love when people are specialists – it shows passion and commitment.

Any other thoughts?

I'm originally from Washington, DC and have been in recruiting for 20 years, 10 of which have been in corporate recruiting. I started my career in Denver but have lived in Atlanta for 14 years and consider it home. I look forward to continuing my career at North Highland and I'm excited for all the great things we'll be doing.