North Highland Recognized for its Finance Excellence Consulting Depth by ALM Intelligence

In ALM Intelligence’s 2016 competitive landscape analysis­ on Financial Excellence Consulting, North Highland was recognized as “Advancing Service Breadth or Depth” in consulting capabilities. The ALM Vanguard of Finance Excellence Consulting assesses firms in their ability to generate comprehensive change in finance excellence for clients. ALM Vanguard then generates relative positioning of the providers featured in the report that are proficient in Financial Excellence Consulting. This is based on an evaluation of their overall capabilities according to a consistent set of criteria.

Out of 24 firms ranked in the report, North Highland is one of only three firms that are advancing service breadth or depth in their consulting capabilities. Additionally, Cordence Worldwide member firm, Horvath, was noted as a Vanguard Leader by ALM Intelligence.

ALM Vanguard focused on North Highland’s strengths in focused service delivery, evolved engagement, and dedicated finance excellence practice, recognizing it as advancing in the market. Additional excerpts include:

  • “The firm organizes its service delivery around two tracks. One, Financial Stewardship focuses on optimizing transactional processes by using a maturity assessment tool designed to evaluate the costs and relative benefits of improving processes, data, technology, and organization. Two, Enterprise Catalyst concentrates on building value-adding reporting, planning, and decision support capabilities.”
  • “North Highland is evolving its engagement model to incorporate more advanced analytics, enablement of more flexible reporting through investments in cloud vendor relationships, and better integration with its organization practice.”
  • “North Highland delivers finance excellence services through a dedicated finance excellence consulting practice that coordinates closely with the firm’s organizational excellence practice. North Highland believes that finance functions need to evolve into true business partners that can deliver insight rather than simply execute transactions and report on variances… the firm orients its consulting approach around fostering four transformational capabilities: managing cost and reallocating savings to value-adding activities, developing more flexible reporting and forecasting, improving the return on investments in finance systems, infrastructure, and cultivating finance talent.”