Takeaways from the Global Smart Metering Congress in London

Throughout March our experts focused on how data and technology will be the key to enabling the water industry’s AMP8 goals. The Global Smart Metering Congress in London was a great opportunity to bring it all together and hear a range of perspectives and experiences from across the industry on how smart metering technology will be a key part of delivering AMP8 and beyond. North Highland was pleased to be able to facilitate two discussions:

  • Laura Cameron and Adrian Suarez Armas discussed Telefonica Tech’s experience in deploying smart water meters in several projects in Spain, and how the lessons they learned can apply in the UK.
  • Juan Jose Gonzalez Menaya and Richard Wheelhouse explored smart meter connectivity options and the decisions today that will future-proof connectivity and enable future demand for Internet of things services.

Some key themes ran through the event:

  1. Planning for the long-term – As an enabling technology with a lifespan of at least a decade, smart meter programmes must be designed to meet the challenges of the future, such as greater demand for connected devices, competition for frequency bands, data security, and challenges we don’t even know about yet.
  2. Technology – We heard about an inspiring range of solutions being brought to market, focused particularly on linking technology to strategic outcomes such as supply resilience and customer experience, with some great success stories from around the world.
  3. Data – The amount of data coming into utilities as smart meter programmes roll out will be enormous. What will it take to ensure that systems, processes, and people are ready?
  4. People – The sector will face a shortage of skills. How do we think differently to get the right skills into water, as well as use the skills we already have?

Thank you to our colleagues from Telefonica Tech for joining us on the panels, and throughout the event.

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