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Managing resources is a thorn-in-the-side for most organizations—one that gets even worse when they’re across a variety of execution methodologies and tools. But here’s the good news: This Resource Management Accelerator can help you turn the tables.


Key Features

Manage resource allocation and resource utilization

Provide stakeholders with easy access to all the information they need to make more timely and better resource utilization decisions.

Easily consolidate initiatives, projects, and epics

Establish and keep track of key milestones and deliverables

Manage interdependencies between initiatives, projects, epics, and more

Quickly identify at-risk milestones and dependencies

Capture and consolidate demand

Consolidate all your resource data in one place, to better understand and forecast resource demand, and utilization requirements across the business.

Quickly capture resource assignments using an intuitive, web-based resource planning tool

Capture demand and forecast work using a variety of units such as FTE, Days and Hours

Easily and quickly access and update your resource forecast plans for the entire project portfolio in a single view

Manage and forecast your project resource needs using any combination of Teams, Roles, and Individuals

Capture time-phased resource assignment and utilization values across flexible timeframes and granularities

Support unique resource management needs of Agile teams

Resource capacity planning is a challenge for Agile teams. Quickly gain visibility and control across resource demand and assignments for all Agile teams.

Take complete control over the membership of each team by assigning one or more resources to different teams

Derive overall team resource capacity based on time-phased capacity of all team members

Maintain historical data integrity regardless of shifts that occur over time in the structure or composition of a team

Manage hybrid projects with both team allocations as well as individual resources in the same resource plan

Manage and visualize project & portfolio dependencies

Portfolio roadmapping tools help you to gain a clearer understanding into the “six degrees of separation” between all investments.

Establish and keep track of key project milestones and deliverables

Manage and visualize project, program, and portfolio inter-dependencies

Quickly identify at-risk project milestones and portfolio dependencies

Enable resource managers to more effectively lead their teams

Provide real-time visibility into dimensions of resource capacity and resource demand with a solution for project planning, prioritization, tracking, and forecasting.

Intuitive portal provides clear visibility into all current and future work

Easily find available people for new resource requests, using any number of matching criteria (role, skill, department, location, availability, and more), and commit resources as needed

Quickly identify resource over/under allocations using out-of-the-box heatmap views

Easily compare commitments against forecasts, and continuously adjust or reallocate resources in response to variances

Quickly and easily conduct capacity planning what-if analysis

Quickly and easily model the impact of change on your projects and program portfolios with simple drag and drop capabilities.

Visualize your project portfolios in an intuitive and interactive roadmap and use charts and heatmaps to quickly identify and resolve resource conflicts

Take action within the interactive roadmap to understand the impact to your resources

Leverage the power of contextual filtering to navigate large amounts of information and to quickly pinpoint the source of resource conflicts

Make better informed decisions by visualizing, understanding and enforcing cross-project scheduling dependencies

Easily model plans without impacting underlying live data, and create multiple what-if scenarios to compare and contrast potential outcomes


Capacity Planning

Resource Management On-Demand Demo

Explore Resource Management features and applications in a quick on-demand demo video.

How to Optimize Resource Capacity Planning

Nurture Your Most Valuable Asset: Your People

It's vital to have the right people in the right roles, with the right skills, at the right time. And that's where resource capacity planning comes in. Our Resource Capacity guide, will dive into the world of resource capacity planning and understand how it works.

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Every accelerator is crafted for quick implementation with minimal configuration required. They draw from years of successful client engagements and best practices, ensuring you get the capabilities you need without the hassle.


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Each one offers robust stand-alone features that can be up and running in just a few days. Plus, since they all work well together, you can easily add more capabilities in any order whenever you're ready. What's even better, each of them is part of the NH360 comprehensive Strategic Portfolio Management Platform. This means that with every Accelerator you add, you're one step closer to having all the capabilities necessary to align your investments with your strategy and, ultimately, speed up your transformation journey.


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Enterprise Architecture (EA) Checklist

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Strategic Scenario Planning (What-If Analysis)

Guide to Strategic Portfolio Management

Guide to Strategic Portfolio Management

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