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Roadmaps help visualize and communicate the performance of both your near-term and multi-year strategic plans. This Roadmapping Accelerator is an essential tool for driving transformation across your business.


Key Features

Manage macro schedules and dependencies

Portfolio roadmapping capabilities help you to gain a clearer understanding of your investments.

Easily consolidate initiatives, projects, and epics

Establish and keep track of key milestones and deliverables

Manage interdependencies between initiatives, projects, epics, and more

Quickly identify at-risk milestones and dependencies

Create dynamic roadmaps with just a few clicks

NH360's powerful roadmapping software makes it easy to create, share and automatically maintain roadmaps in minutes. This roadmap management software stands alone – simply connect to your data source and get started immediately.

Wizard-guided configuration makes implementation a breeze

Choose from portfolio timelines or roadmap templates

Automatically pre-populate your roadmaps or manually build them yourself

Set roadmaps to be shared or kept private

Download as pdf files or as print-outs

Visualize roadmaps in a portfolio timeline

View all work in a time-phased view to gain a clearer understanding into the relationships and dependencies between all investments.

Track time-phased initiatives using timeline roadmaps

Overlay milestones and visualize interdependencies

Align execution efforts with portfolio-level events in just a few clicks

Group, sort, and filter information using any fields from your records

All teams can now enjoy boards views

Whether your team executes using Agile or traditional project execution, it’s easy to visualize the work of all teams using a boards view that is dynamic and configurable.

Plan and track all project work on one screen

See backlog, and scheduled or in-progress work

Change project status or categories with a simple drag-and-drop

Quickly drill-down to the entity record for detailed information

Create and view boards from any data in the system, including projects-by-workflow, projects-by-health, and more

Manage and visualize portfolio dependencies

Use roadmap to gain a clearer understanding into your investments.

Establish and keep track of key project milestones and deliverables

Manage and visualize project, program, and portfolio interdependencies

Quickly identify at-risk project milestones and portfolio dependencies

Visualize and share key portfolio events within the roadmap

Roadmapping On-Demand Demo

Explore Roadmapping features and applications in a quick on-demand demo video.

PMO's Guide to Roadmaps

Build Visuals for Alignment

Roadmaps play a vital role in helping you understand all the inter-dependencies so you can more effectively develop and adjust those planned activities. In our PMO’s Guide to Roadmaps guide, you'll discover why roadmaps are such an integral part of Strategic Portfolio Management.

Add the capabilities you need, quickly

Every accelerator is crafted for quick implementation with minimal configuration required. They draw from years of successful client engagements and best practices, ensuring you get the capabilities you need without the hassle.


Want a specific Portfolio Management Accelerator?

Each one offers robust stand-alone features that can be up and running in just a few days. Plus, since they all work well together, you can easily add more capabilities in any order whenever you're ready. What's even better, each of them is part of the NH360 comprehensive Strategic Portfolio Management Platform. This means that with every Accelerator you add, you're one step closer to having all the capabilities necessary to align your investments with your strategy and, ultimately, speed up your transformation journey.


Guide to Strategic Portfolio Management

Guide to Strategic Portfolio Management

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