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Strategy means nothing without results.

Tangible results are what disrupt the market, propel a company past the competition, and transform customers into brand loyalists. We design customized strategies to generate in-year returns, while driving innovation and solidifying the foundation for the future. We use a nimble, adaptive approach that enables organizations to disrupt current markets and grow into new ones. With an obsessive commitment to results, we create strategies aligned to your specific objectives. We measure our success based on your bottom-line results.

How We Can Help

Customer Strategy

We help you thrive by designing, valuing, and implementing new customer-centric strategies and business models. We combine key North Highland disciplines to generate unique insights into customers and stakeholders.


We identify new growth opportunities, design the operations, and help mobilize your human capital to translate strategy into tangible pipelines and, ultimately, bottom-line results.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Transformation

We are passionate about transforming structural changes into a strategic advantage that drives growth, enhances scale, and sharpens enterprise focus.

Operational Excellence

We partner with clients to identify and capture opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce costs, develop new capabilities, and leverage technology for automation and unlocking growth.

Business Transformation

Our approach applies organizational strategy and transformation management, agile change, and performance management to derive success from complex, interdependent, multifaceted initiatives. 

Customer Experience Strategy

We assess the current customer experience ecosystem, outline a future state that incorporates your value-driven priorities, and create an experience agenda that will meet or exceed your business objectives.

Digital Transformation

We design transformational strategies to help businesses become digital enterprises. 

Performance Improvement

We specialize in boosting performance and driving efficiency through people and talent management, functional and operational excellence, and workforce planning programs. 

Supply Chain

We help clients develop future-proof supply chain strategies, bolstered by expertise in product development and lifecycle management, sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution. Our approach improves efficiency, reduces costs, and improves product availability.


We've Earned Our Stripes

Latest Thinking

Setting the Standard

Setting the Standard

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Continuous Transformation Starts with Culture

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Sarah Power

Vice President, Workforce Transformation Lead

Sarah is a change and transformation leader with 20 years’ experience working across private and non-profit sectors. She focuses on the people side of business transformation, working with senior business leaders to envision, plan and deliver enterprise-wide change.

Rob Sherrell

Vice President, Customer Transformation Lead

Rob has over 20 years of customer strategy and customer-driven transformation expertise. He has led hundreds of successful customer and employee-centered engagements for B2B and B2C clients across industries. Rob specializes in helping our clients expand their market presence via experience-based differentiation.

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