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As competition increases, IT departments face unprecedented pressure to transcend routine “keep the lights on” activities and accelerate digitally-enabled innovation across the organization. We understand that technology is more than a standalone solution—it’s a catalyst for enterprise-wide change that shapes ways of working, processes, and people. From building platforms for clients to embedding sustainable technology-based competencies within their organizations, we bring blended, multi-disciplinary teams that can navigate the complexities of processes and people to ensure that your technology stack is a source of innovation and differentiation.

How We Can Help

Application Architecture

We help clients design, select, and deploy modern hybrid cloud application infrastructure that drives comprehensive digital transformation. 

Application Engineering

We bring expertise in content management systems, web and mobile customer experience applications, web and mobile business applications, and cognitive and automation systems.

Digital IT Operations

We help create productive digital IT operations that allow swift introduction of new technology-based services to the rest of the organization—ultimately enabling a stronger partnership between the business and IT.


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Dwight Specht

Vice President, Technology and Data and Analytics practice

Dwight has over 25 years of experience in delivering high value and high performance BI, Analytics, CRM and ERP systems. Areas of expertise include BI architecture and deployment in construction, heavy equipment, residential and cell tower construction and leasing.

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