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North Highland Named for Digital Strategy in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Digital Business Agencies, Consulting and Implementation Services

According to North Highland's research, ‘78% of businesses call 'digital capabilities' a high or very high strategic priority in 2021.’ That’s why we’re happy to share that we’ve been named in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Digital Business Agencies, Consulting and Implementation Services.

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Technology: A Requisite for Every Transformation

Whether it’s a desire to meet customer needs, boost workforce efficiency or minimize operational costs, almost anything can spark your transformation. In every case, technology must be ingrained within your change strategy. Want to maximize technology’s impact? You must be able to seamlessly fuse IT and business, gain a firm grasp on data, and build platforms that maximize efficiency and engagement.


Technology fuels business performance.

Today’s (and tomorrow’s) leading businesses know too well that change is a regular part of doing business, wielding technology to keep up. How? With a robust digital core of modern platforms and operating capabilities that integrate the activities of customers, the workforce and operations. Firms with a durable digital core adapt and benefit from unexpected disruption in their internal and external environments. By tying technology investments to measurable business outcomes, they link effort to performance and pay down technical debt along the way.


We simplify technology into a digital core of modern platforms and operating capabilities.

With today and tomorrow’s transformation demands in full focus, our Technology practice helps you configure an adaptive mix of technology and operating capabilities. At the heart of our approach is a digital core that connects customer, workforce, and operational needs. The outcome? Reduced costs, improved reliability and faster speed to market—all while delivering the insights your business needs to transform in the face of constant disruption.

How We Help

Digital Advisory

We plot the transformation of your digital core to reduce cost, manage risk, and speed time to market. Our experts design the strategy, simplifying technology and optimizing costs, all while managing risk.

Digital Delivery

We design, build, and integrate solutions to create a next-generation digital experience. Our expertise includes digital application services and modern enterprise application integration.

Digital Operations

Our experts partner with businesses across industries to modernize end-to-end service management capabilities, ensure seamless workforce adoption, and drive solutions forward. 


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Meet Our Experts

Juliana Su

Juliana Su

Vice President, Technology Capability

Juliana has over 25 years of experience overseeing the advanced analytics, strategy and operational vision for technology transformations across multiple industry verticals for US and international, private and public technology companies. Areas of expertise include software development and large systems integrations focused on advanced analytics (data science, automation, data privacy, and data governance) and business strategy.

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