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Experience marks the difference.

Whether you want to improve customer retention, drive operational efficiency, or rethink talent development—in every strategic undertaking, people experience the journey. Experiences for your people, customers, partners, and society at large can spell the difference between success and failure.



Why is experience a common weak point for organizations in flux? It often comes down to understanding and alignment. It can be tough to build a cross-functional, collective picture of the needs, challenges, and desires of the customers and employees impacted by change. Moving the needle on experience calls for the entire business—marketing, IT, finance, strategy, and the rest—to go all-in. In other words, you’ll need to collectively appreciate the value of experience to shift your company in the right direction. Next up, visualize the end-to-end experience journey and align roles, processes, systems, and data to bring it to life.

By tapping into people-centric value drivers such as personalization, ease, integration, convenience, and accessibility, we can help you identify, design, and deploy experience enhancements that maximize value at the intersection of stakeholders and shareholders. Ready to level-up your experiences? Join us as we Make Change Happen.

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Unlock new opportunities for value with experience.

Today’s world is personalized. Connected. Immediate. Customers and employees crave experiences that make them feel cared for, appreciated, and understood. As experience expectations move onward and upward, you’ll need to continuously solution around the needs of the people in and outside of your organization. 

With the right level of investment, leadership, and focus, we can help you prioritize experience on your transformation journey. From there, we can help you design, orchestrate, and deliver meaningful experiences. The result? The potential of experience, realized.

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Earning recognition from the best and brightest.

Don’t just take it from us. Leading analyst firms recognize us in the below reports:

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices, Q4 2020

Forrester Now Tech: Employee Experience Consulting Practices, Q3 2020

Vanguard Leader, Employee Experience​ (ALM Intelligence, 2017​) 

Forrester Now Tech: Customer Experience Consulting Practices, Q2 2018 ​



Customer Strategy

Our experts fuel your understanding of potential markets, likely disruptors, and desired customer segments. The result? A clear roadmap to evolve future customer opportunities and your ideal portfolio.

Customer Experience

We help design, plan, create, and deliver meaningful experiences across channels and customer touchpoints. The result? Customer-centricity built into every element of your business.

Employee Experience and Engagement

How can you effectively reimagine employee experiences to meet and exceed evolved expectations? Our globally-recognized expertise includes crafting the people value proposition as well as the communication, design, delivery, and management of the employee experience.

Accelerated Service Design

We uncover and diagnose challenges in your business’s broader context—rather than through a single point of view. By orienting solutions around peoples’ needs, our approach enables experiences that are more relevant and impactful for customers and employees.

Change Economics

We help you make smarter decisions about where to focus your experience initiatives for maximum impact. Our approach informs strategies that capture the value of customer and employee experience, while balancing the natural tension between people and business needs. 

Customer Analytics

To effectively understand customer behavior, we use, architect and integrate data. With the same approach, our experts can predict customers’ shifting needs.

Customer Enablement

Our experts will help you reimagine your business and operating model to deliver customer excellence. How? By pinpointing the right data, insights, skill sets, technology, culture, and more.


North Highland has strong capabilities in CX vision development, business case development, and CX roadmap development – key elements of its transformation story. Its approach to business cases and roadmaps are particularly noteworthy because they’re rooted in North Highland’s framework for assessing CX’s value to business – Experience Economics.

-The Forrester Wave™: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices, Q4 2020


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