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Operating Models & Organizational Structures

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The operating model and organizational structure set the foundation for your transformation.

Despite its importance, 53 percent of business leaders in our research point to their operating model and organizational structure as a challenge in their transformations.1 Why is that? Often, businesses may be tempted to approach the operating model and organizational structure in silos, or fail to account for the customer, workforce and operational interdependencies across their operating model. As a result, they miss opportunities for shared value and fail to overcome the persistent roadblocks to lasting change.


Let's put the "how" in transformation.

Your operating model portrays how the essential components of your business—including people, structure, processes, governance, and technology and data—come together to make change happen. It connects strategy to execution by detailing how the transformation will be realized, and makes a point to uncover how the different components interact and intersect. Part of the operating model, your organizational strategy outlines specific roles, skillsets, and team configurations. It plays a critical role in your transformation by formally aligning the workforce and its responsibilities to your strategy.

Here's our take: Changes to people, structure, processes, governance, and technology and data all stem from decisions about the operating model and organizational strategy. By approaching every element of the operating model with a comprehensive, value-oriented mindset, you'll maximize outcomes and strengthen your muscle to adapt in a world of accelerated change.

Org Structure

Powered by design thinking, change management, and culture management.

Your operating model and organizational structure function as your business's prescribed guardrails. By building design thinking, change management, and culture management into your approach, you can make sure you get those guardrails right—for not only the business, but for customers and employees, too. We bring these elements together to maximize value through your operating model and ensure that desired change becomes embedded within culture.

Org Structure

You can bet on us.

Leading analysts recognize us as experts in Organization Strategy Consulting. We were ranked among the top 10 consulting firms for organizational strategy by ALM Intelligence. We earned best-in-class distinctions by ALM Intelligence for 1) our Client Capability Development expertise for HR Operations and Organization Strategy and 2) Project Management for Organization Strategy.

How We Help

Operational Strategy

We prepare organizations to identify and assess the necessary capabilities for growth, efficiency, and lasting change. Then, we design operating models that seamlessly blend people, structure, processes, governance, and technology and data.

Organizational Strategy and Design

We can help you pinpoint your organization’s key capabilities and determine how they gel to deliver the business strategy. Building on this foundation, we develop roadmaps that drive business strategy through organizational structure and strategy design, competency definitions, operating processes, and career-related frameworks.

Operational Excellence and Management

Ready to rethink, re-engineer, and integrate your operational management strategy and assets in resource-intensive areas? Contact centers, supply chain, distribution, and other key back- and front-office functions are where it will happen. Our approach equips you with the alignment, efficiency, and flexibility needed for high performance and continuous improvement.

While it is not the only provider to deliver services in agile sprints, North Highland stands out for its ability to do so in a truly seamless way that clients unanimously praise for accelerating the design and implementation of operating models. This capability attests to a level of discipline in its approach to managing engagements that has been mastered across the firm.

ALM Intelligence, 2019

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Adaptive Workforce Models
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Future-Focused Workforce Forecasting

Looking to Level Up with SaaS? Start with Your Operating Model

Looking to Level Up with SaaS? Start with Your Operating Model

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1. June 2021 North Highland-sponsored survey of 200 business leaders at organizations headquartered in the U.S. or U.K. and with annual revenues > $1B.