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Process is the critical link between strategy and value. Without it, your strategy is nothing more than words on paper. Leaders come and go. Markets move. Employees change. Yet, your competitive position rests on your ability to design and leverage processes that help bring your strategy alive in your business every day. These are the processes that enable growth and transformation.  

If you're ready to drive efficiency and simplicity in your business processes through design, re-engineering, and automation, you’ve landed in the right place. Our team is passionate about delivering strategies designed to accelerate outcomes and meet your strategic business objectives – all while reinforcing change with your team to sustain results. Let’s get started to make change happen. 

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We optimize your resources against your greatest opportunities – from design through execution.

Every organization today faces increasing pressure to transform – to enhance performance and stay ahead of rising operational challenges, customer demands, and global competition. Our experts can help you thrive in this fast-paced world, and they do more than just model, design, and deploy solutions that improve operational performance.  

Our approach comes down to a simple concept: we listen, help clarify goals, and then provide the right guidance to ensure our clients overcome their challenges, achieve results, and propel transformation.  

If you can imagine a better way…we want to know about it. As your partner, we’re ready to understand your unique business needs and objectives, outline an ideal future state, and then develop a customized solution that will get you there.

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Helping our clients achieve operational excellence has put us on the map.

Leading analyst firms recognize our ability to assess needs and improve processes. ALM Intelligence awarded us a best-in-class ranking for Project Management (2019) and considers us a top 10 Business Strategy and Planning consulting firm (2019). We also earned a distinction as a Vanguard Leader for Corporate Services by ALM Intelligence (2019).  


Business Analysis

We help our clients make key decisions around how to recognize, formalize, and implement change. We combine our resource-based skills with analytic tools and data to consistently, creatively, and accurately drive sustainable results.

Process & Operations

Our process and industry domain experts leverage their practical experience to identify operational objectives, existing gaps, and optimization opportunities.

Intelligent Automation

Through a people-centric and incremental approach, we effectively match our capabilities to the needs of our clients and identify critical elements that should be considered to improve the efficiency and speed of core business processes, such that our clients achieve scale and sustained value throughout their automation journey.


 Value 101: Making the Grade with Managed Services
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Value 101: Making the Grade with Managed Services

Simple Process Improvement Tools Enable Firm's Marketing Agility
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Simple Process Improvement Tools Enable Firm's Marketing Agility

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Looking for Relentless Improvement? Start with the Business Analyst

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Bolstering Operational Resilience with Leading and Lagging Indicators

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words: The Power of Models

Chad Carmichael

Process and Business Analysis Lead

Chad has over 20 years of experience in consulting and financial services. His expertise is in business operations, product and service delivery, and lean process improvement. Chad has delivered complex solutions to clients across industries, leveraging techniques such as service blueprinting, future state design, agile, and process mapping.

Scott Rainey

Scott Rainey

Vice President, Managed Services

Scott has 21 years of consulting experience in the public sector with an emphasis in assisting organizations through complex projects covering the lifecycle spectrum from idea to reality to achieve the highest degree of service. Scott works directly with executives in the state and local government.


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