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Accelerated Service Design

Transforming the Way Work Gets Done

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Make Transformations Real

Making transformative experiences real.

To drive customer-centric transformation, leaders must change how work gets done through an intentional focus on defining and aligning on a shared vision and transformation roadmap that leverages capabilities across the organization.

Delivering Value

Delivering value with Accelerated Service Design.

Our solution takes a people-centric approach to innovating how businesses get the necessary work done to create transformative experiences. It uncovers and diagnoses challenges in the larger organizational context, rather than through a single point of view. As a result, it creates and orchestrates experiences that are more relevant and impactful for customers and employees by orienting solutions around people.

How We Help

Gaining Alignment Around a Vision

We partner with clients to apply empathy mapping to visualize customer and employee attitudes, needs, and behaviors. Grounded in an understanding of user needs, we help clients build a shared understanding of where your organization is going, and what success looks like.

Design and Launch of a New Product or Service

Our experts help clients identify the elements that matter most to their customers or employees. Based on a clear understanding of unmet customer or employee needs, we envision, define, prototype, and test the desired future state experience.

Leading a Large-Scale Transformation

Transformation leads to a future state that is measurably different than today. We partner with organizations to design and deploy the organizational structures, skills, mindsets, processes, and technologies needed to get somewhere new and better.

The agile, iterative methodology of North Highland is new to the majority of our organization, but we’ve seen a level of engagement that would suggest otherwise.

Digital Strategy and Transformation Leader

Our Thinking

Accelerated Service Design: Enabling Businesses to Transform the Way Work Gets Done
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Accelerated Service Design: Transforming the Way Work Gets Done


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Building a Digital Future With Accelerated Service Design
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Building a Digital Future With Accelerated Service Design

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