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Have a business challenge?

Understanding the opportunity and value of change can be challenging.

Many organizations suffer from misaligned expectations, ineffective prioritization, and an underappreciated opportunity surrounding change and transformation. Addressing these challenges starts with how you value change and transformation initiatives.

Strategic Growth Change Economics

Reimagining Change as a Strategic Growth Driver

Change Economics attributes value to every component of transformation efforts, including current and future business value, customer value, and employee and stakeholder value. It allows you to make informed decisions about focus, investment, and resource allocation.

50/50 Change Economics

Delivering Value with Change Economics

  • Faster adoption of change to maximize profitability and productivity from transformation initiatives.
  • A comprehensive view of the value drivers of change and transformation, including business, customer, and employee.
  • Clarity around the change and transformation initiatives to start, stop, and continue.
  • A focused strategic vision comprised of validated and prioritized initiatives, anchored in an agreed-upon definition of value.

How We Can Help

Defining Your Vision and Desired Outcomes

We develop the unifying vision and guiding objectives that establish the case for change and transformation. To set the stage for adoption, we identify the groups impacted by the change and partner with leadership to align on key measures of value. The result? A clearly articulated vision to guide and propel the transformation.

Defining the Drivers of Value

We work to understand the internal and external value drivers for all groups impacted by change and transformation. Our findings stem from both qualitative and quantitative research analysis that captures the voice of customers and employees. From there, we rank and prioritize drivers of value for both the business and people.

Identifying and Prioritizing Initiatives

We look at the journeys for each of your impacted stakeholders, including both employees and customers, to determine the moments that matter. Applying a set of prioritization criteria tailored to your organization's unique value drivers, we define, rank, and prioritize initiatives.

Building the Business Case and Roadmap

Anchored in a detailed business case, we craft the roadmap for change and transformation, outlining the sequence of initiatives that will maximize the value of your transformation. Our roadmaps include both initiative pilot and sequence recommendations, laying the foundation for continuous change and improvement.

Our Work in Action

Rob Sherrell

Vice President and Global CX Lead

Rob has 20 years of marketing strategy and customer experience expertise. With an extensive cross-channel customer experience background, Rob specializes in helping clients expand their market presence by delivering experience-based differentiation.

Dave Trettin

Associate Vice President, Experience Design Practice

Dave has 16 years of product and service development, strategic planning, and CX strategy expertise. With an expansive background spanning product development, operations, and marketing, Dave is adept at helping our clients create strategic growth initiatives based on a people-centered design methodology.

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