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Managed Services

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The Secret to Success? Employee Know-How.

Transformation success requires much more than hitting milestones and staying within budget. ​Unlocking the value outlined in your business case calls for the right blend of knowledge and expertise.

First, you'll need to consider your top priorities. Given the breakneck pace of change, you need expertise that can flex. Rather than making a risky, fixed investment in a particular skillset that could become obsolete, build capabilities that can adapt with your business as it moves forward.


Enter Managed Services.

Managed Services offers access to dedicated teams and top talent with a blended set of expertise, skills, and products. Our solution maximizes value by building your capability and powering continuous improvement.​

We bring expert teams, pre-built and carefully constructed to tackle your toughest business challenges. Think of it like an all-star team that possesses unstoppable speed, makes every goal, and boasts a stellar, undefeated season. Whether you're seeking skills in change management, Agile, digital, or performance improvement (to name a few), we'll make sure you have the players and quality needed to win.

Together, we’ll unlock new potential and elevate your capability. How? With dedicated service leadership that's relentlessly committed to quality and value outcomes.

How We Help

Proactive Demand Planning

Count on us as a proactive partner. We'll take a look at your capability needs and design the right expertise solution for today and tomorrow.

Practitioner Recruiting

Our real-time recruiting process brings you highly-qualified practitioners that move the needle from day one.


Our people are ready to hit the ground running. With a seamless immersion approach, we accelerate speed to productivity and value.

Performance, Quality, and Value Management

Our robust tracking and reporting methods ensure you're driving toward desired performance and quality outcomes. Importantly, we use real-time results to help you adjust your Managed Service for maximum value along the way.

Knowledge Management

Our teams get the job done every time. With a focus on upskilling and knowledge-transfer, we'll equip your in-house employees with the expertise to sustain results, long after the Managed Service ends.


North Highland is better connected across our Business Units and therefore has a better understanding of what is going on across our business than we do! This allows us to spot where we can optimize and avoid mistakes.

IT Director, Fortune 100 Company

Our Thinking

 Value 101: Making the Grade with Managed Services
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Value 101: Making the Grade with Managed Services

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Managed Services Pods are a Slam Dunk

Pioneering the Next Frontier of Growth With Managed Services
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Pioneering the Next Frontier of Growth With Managed Services

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