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Flexibility matters.

Organizations everywhere are struggling to secure the right expertise to help them thrive—particularly now, with a recession looming. To successfully compete and manage nimble operations, there’s a demand for variable access to talent without the burden of fixed costs. Traditional sourcing strategies just aren't sufficient anymore. Leaders are in search of an approach rooted in achieving tangible outcomes, and many are turning to advanced resource management software to streamline their processes.


And that’s where North Highland steps in.

Our Managed Services solution means you’ll have access to a flexible pool of talent when you need them—from digital and agile experts to project managers, business analysts, and change professionals. What’s more, we partner with you to understand upcoming demand, onboard project-ready resources, manage performance, and ensure that knowledge is retained. Ultimately, our model increases your delivery quality while curbing internal costs. 

This unique, comprehensive, and outcome-focused solution is built on more than 15 years of experience and expertise. We’ve combined end-to-end delivery execution, oversight, capability development, and strategic advice for several clients—so you can trust we’ll give you access to world-class talent and the ability to flex to changing needs from the very start.  
You’re not left to manage these resources on your own, either. A member of our team is always on hand to ensure a high level of quality along the way.  

All Star Team

We will assemble dedicated teams and top talent with a blended set of expertise, skills, and products to tackle your toughest business challenges. Think of it like an all-star team that possesses unstoppable speed, makes every goal, and boasts a stellar, undefeated season.


North Highland is better connected across our Business Units and therefore has a better understanding of what is going on across our business than we do! This allows us to spot where we can optimize and avoid mistakes.

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 Value 101: Making the Grade with Managed Services
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Value 101: Making the Grade with Managed Services

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Managed Services Pods are a Slam Dunk

Pioneering the Next Frontier of Growth With Managed Services
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Pioneering the Next Frontier of Growth With Managed Services

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