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People-Centric Change

Engaging Hearts and Minds for Lasting Change

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It's time to put people at the center of change.

With traditional change management processes, leaders often design changes based on ideal business scenarios, desired outcomes, and what they believe employees will need during the transformation process. This approach can lead to resistance and confusion from those who weren't involved in developing the solution, slowing the adoption process.

Delivering Value

Delivering value with People-Centric Change.

Our approach to change management is people-centric. Involving employees in the right way leads to more productive results. We ensure lasting adoption by combining established change management best practices with design thinking techniques, behavioral science, and agile delivery principles.

How We Can Help

Design Thinking

We apply the principles of empathy, iteration, and co-creation to understand your needs. Most importantly, our experts focus on understanding those impacted by change and apply insights to ensure lasting adoption.

Behavioral Science

Our teams deploy a targeted approach to behavior change, rooted in an understanding of how people make decisions. Our approach shifts culture, transforms ways of working, and influences decisions.

Agile Delivery

We can help your organization navigate the transition to agile ways of working. We focus on managing the change impacts and mitigating change saturation through iterative rollouts by Scrum teams.


Our work helped over 100 executives and 60,000 employees and associates to understand, internalize, and adapt to change. 

Our Thinking

Driving Change with Design Thinking
White papers

Driving Change with Design Thinking

Setting the Foundation for Enterprise Change Capability

Setting the Foundation for Enterprise Change Capability


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Mindy Bostick

Mindy Bostick

Associate Vice President

Mindy is an executive focused on change management, with over 30 years of experience helping organizations realize their business objectives through people practices. She has deep expertise in leadership alignment, organizational change management, technology implementations, and other practices that drive transformational change.


Anne Shoulders

Master Practitioner

Anne has over 20 years of experience with marketing strategy, brand development, insights and message management for behavior change, employee engagement, and content and communications strategy. Anne is adept at balancing strategic and creative thinking with real-life applications.

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