Transformation Momentum
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Looking Beyond Milestones

On the transformation journey, your organization is likely to be squarely focused on a major system implementation, product launch, or new process. While teams may be accomplishing their tasks on time, have you thought about the value that’s left on the table?

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Moving from “What” to “Why”

When you approach transformation as a set of static, siloed milestones, your business risks losing sight of why it’s transforming in the first place: to create value. And to drive towards a shared vision.

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Accelerating Transformation Value with an Ecosystem Perspective

Our Transformation MomentumSM solution helps you create and maximize value through the delivery of your highest-stakes initiatives.

How? By starting with an ecosystem mindset. Every piece of the ecosystem operates together to mobilize change, build momentum, and maximize value. ​

At the heart of this ecosystem is the Transformation Value Office that bridges strategy, execution, and value realization.

How We Can Help


Create the blueprint that links vision to the work getting done.

Define what “good” looks like, including management routines, governance, intake processes, project-level change management support, and success metrics. Grounded in qualitative and quantitative insights, we ensure your Transformation Value Office is custom-tailored around the elements of people, purpose, principles, place, and program.


Lay the groundwork for transformation outcomes.

Embed transformation as an always-on value driver by defining the templates, routines, and scorecards that set the stage for day-to-day operations. To secure organizational alignment, we can also help you distill a clear purpose for the Transformation Value Office, what it stands for, and how it will operate.


Capture increasing transformation returns and unlock new sources of value.

Infuse best practices to unlock greater value each day. We can help you partner with stakeholders to gather feedback on Transformation Value Office processes and tools. These insights help you get smarter. They become your compass to navigate the journey of continuous improvement.

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From Milestones to Momentum

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Alex Zetter

Associate Vice President, Program & Project Management Lead

Alex has over 22 years of consulting experience and leads North Highland’s Program & Project Management practice. He’s an expert in guiding cross-functional teams through complex transformations. Alex has extensive experience in program and project leadership, program recovery, portfolio management, and large-scale systems integration projects.


Mindy Bostick

Associate Vice President

Mindy leads North Highland's People & Change capability. She has over 30 years of experience helping organizations realize their business objectives through people practices. Mindy has deep expertise in leadership alignment, organizational change management, technology implementations and other practices that drive transformational change.