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Generate a dynamic blueprint of your business to effortlessly connect, align, and orchestrate all your investments with strategies, boosting business agility along the way.


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Application Management

Apply a structured approach to the management of technology assets.

Business Architecture

Create dynamic blueprints of your business to see and connect silos.

Capability Planning

Change how you consider, plan and deliver on strategies.

Enterprise Architecture

Focus strategies and initiatives around achieving common goals.

Lean Portfolio

Enable the scaling of agile principles and practices to all functions.

New Product Development

Optimize revenue and accelerate the delivery of solutions to market.



Case Studies

Integrating Projects and Investments

Streamline ways of working and operating investments across projects.

Enhanced Portfolio Visibility

Switch to a single, cloud-based global project management process.

Manage Engineers and Delivery

Allocate hours more effectively across refineries and plants worldwide.

Managing Organizational Transformation

Combine robust scheduling capabilities with efficient methods for managing status, recruitment, and financials.

Remediating Impact on the Environment

Ensure smooth management of project and site activities.

Simplify and Optimize PPM Processes

Remove inefficiencies and unnecessary data entry.

Gain Visibility and Control Across All Investments

Get visibility and control over all investments across the organization.

A Holistic Approach to Portfolio Performance

Offer a comprehensive view of projects, portfolios, and financial performance.

Integrated Strategic Portfolio Management Solution

Create a controlled, single source of truth for project management.

Cost Estimating and Return Forecasting

Gain visibility into all projects, programs, and portfolios within the organization's innovation portfolio.

Complete Visibility Across Projects

Get better visibility and insight into all projects.

Business Architecture Best Practices

Introduce a Business Architecture capability globally. 


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why strategic portfolio management is the key to transformation success, acting as the glue that connects all your business initiatives to your wider business objectives.


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We’re thought leaders, boldly bringing business agility to our clients. Our formula is simple: Equal parts executional excellence and robust strategic portfolio management software capabilities.

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