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The Norms of Mobility Are Changing

As the future of mobility takes shape, a 360-degree visibility across the ecosystem enables organizations to mitigate risk and seize new opportunities. Our solutions deliver new technologies that provide better performance, consumer loyalty, people development, and forward-looking strategies.


Keeping an eye towards the future.

Departments of transportation are exploring solar energy innovation. Airlines are enhancing customer experience delivery. Airports are upgrading deteriorating infrastructure and expanding operations. Transit agencies are implementing electronic fare payment systems. And all are struggling to attract a workforce to carry them forward. That’s where we come in. We can help inspire an engaged workforce.


Interconnected mobility presents new opportunities.

Future-ready transportation agencies must embed frameworks for analytics-led insight, operational efficiency, and most importantly a workforce capable of capitalizing on the opportunities. Our solutions help deliver new technologies that provide better performance, products and services that build volume and consumer loyalty, people development initiatives that meet higher expectations and rapid change, and strategies for today with an eye towards the future.

Driving Success

Driving success is in the details.

Our blended teams bring the right combination of expertise, experience, and capability to support our clients end-to-end. From strategy through delivery we enable higher-value mobility through right-size technology solutions, efficiencies, and high-touch people and change initiatives to enable your workforce.

How We Can Help

Aligning Tech and Strategy

Technology is revolutionizing the movement of people and goods. We align technology with strategy and culture, optimizing the tools that drive informed decision-making, enable collaboration, and create meaningful customer engagement.

Harnessing Big Data

Big Data in transportation opens the door to meaningful analysis that can improve services for millions of customers.We uncover actionable insights by assessing the data landscape and deploying solutions to deliver information across the enterprise.

Workforce Transformation

Attracting and retaining talent is challenging. We deploy performance-based HR service delivery models that improve processes to increase safety, optimize customer experience, engage employees, and ensure that talent is always available.

Complex Program Implementation

Publicly funded programs mean staying in-scope, on-task, and within budget. We orchestrate large system replacements, skillfully synchronizing moving parts and people to complete projects on time and within budget.

Taking Organizations from Roadmap to Results

Anticipating the future and planning for a range of possibilities is challenging. We use a proven Adaptive Strategy Development approach to help clients build strategic plans that are living blueprints, enabling rapid changes.

Managing Complex Regulatory Environments

Managing stakeholder outreach and assessing compliance regulations must be navigated with discipline. We combine regulatory knowledge with change and program management skills to help clients move through requirements successfully.

We Serve Different Sectors

Transit and Ground Transportation

Federal and State Transportation Agencies

Railroad and Truck Transportation

Tolling Authorities

Airports and Aviation

Transportation Technology

Our Work in Action

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Chris McCarthy

Vice President and Global Transportation Lead

Chris has 25 years of experience in the transportation industry, working with the rail, transit, state and federal government, private industry, and international banks. Specific areas of his expertise include strategy development, project management, market analysis, financial planning, public policy, and international business and trade.

Anna Danegger

Anna Danegger

Vice President and Public Sector Transportation Practice Lead

A Vice President and Client Executive with North Highland, Anna oversees the firm's Public Sector Transportation Practice.  Anna is a PMP-certified Project Manager and focuses her efforts on leading complex transformation programs working with transit agencies, tolling authorities, airports and DOT’s. 

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