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What if You Could See into the Future?

We can’t help you do that—yet. But we can help you quickly and easily respond to any possible question about your portfolio. Use this Strategic Portfolio Accelerator to proactively triage today’s problems or even model and predict possible future problems—in minutes.

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Key Features

Set Up Any What-If Analysis Scenario

Intuitive wizard makes it easy to quickly define and share a variety of what-if scenario plans across the organization.

What If Analysis

An interactive experience using roadmaps to visualize scene

Powerful, interactive roadmapping tools help you model the effect of any portfolio change and quickly sort through any number of projects.

An interactive experience using roadmaps to visualize scene

Analyze Resource Capacity Planning

Powerful resource and capacity management tools deliver the insight you need to better manage your most important assets.

Analyze Resource Capacity Planning

Conduct target analysis to maximize benefits and outcomes

Powerful portfolio management capabilities enable organizations to gain visibility across all projected benefits more effectively.

Conduct Target Analysis

Optimize financial costs across the portfolio

Powerful capabilities help you visualize and manage all project and portfolio cost information in one place.

Optimize financial costs across the portfolio

Guide to Strategic Scenario Planning

Expect the Unexpected

Scenario planning often gets misunderstood and poorly executed. Our Strategic Scenario Planning guide will assist you in overcoming the challenges of developing multiple scenarios and creating an environment where your strategic analysis becomes more effective and efficient.

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