Great Minds Go North: North Highland Ranked #5 In Thought Leadership

Armed with knowledge as our north star, North Highland was ranked #5 across all consulting firms in Quality Rankings of Thought Leadership for the Second Half of 2018 by analyst firm Source Global Research. This ranking is a jump up from the #6 placement received for Source’s Thought Leadership for the First Half of 2018 report. Furthermore, the firm’s trailblazing thought leadership ranked #2 in the “Prompting Action” scoring category. This category is ranked based on the quality of actionable advice provided within the thought leadership pieces, and continues to be a trait that differentiates North Highland Thought Leadership. The report analyzes 23 leading consulting firms’ thought leadership, scoring for differentiation, appeal, resilience and prompting action. Rankings are determined by a sampling of 10 thought leadership pieces from the firm in the second half of 2018.

Great Minds Go North: North Highland Ranked #5 In Thought Leadership

Source highlighted North Highland’s compelling thought leadership, noting that, “Consistency is one of North Highland’s greatest strengths, demonstrated by the small variation across the sample. The other key strength is in prompting action, where the firm ranks second, boosted by consistent focus on the call to action.” Additionally, “with high-scoring pieces such as Differentiating on outcomes with Medicare Advantage populations and Becoming cognitive in the age of AI, North Highland sets a high bar for itself."

The North Highland thought leadership pieces considered for the report included:

  1. The New Rules of Digital Transformation
  2. Connected Care
  3. Propelling the Automation Agenda
  4. Intentional Cultures are Resilient
  5. Becoming Cognitive in the Age of AI
  6. Insights-Powered Retail
  7. Leading the PMO into an Agile World
  8. Differentiating on Outcomes with Medicare Advantage Populations
  9.  Managing Growth and Innovation Results through Game Planning
  10. True North Tech Journal

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