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Beacon 2020: Attaining always-on, customer-led transformation through the workforce

We surveyed more than 700 business leaders across industries with revenues greater than $1 billion and headquarters in the US/UK to analyze organizational attitudes and determine the most critical strategic priorities for the year ahead.

Transform Forward

Transform Forward

It’s critical that businesses stop looking at yesterday’s threats as their drivers for tomorrow’s transformation. Hear insights on ‘Progress over Perfection’ and ‘Continuous Change’ as you Transform Forward.


True North Tech Journal: Digital Transformation Disruption

Insights to enable your own transformation with a point-counterpoint discussion of digital versus data, modern data platforms, digital IT operations, and the expanding role of female leaders in IT.

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Amplifying the Value of a Product Focus

Beacon White Paper
White papers

The Future is Horizontal: Competing on Enhanced Experience and…

White papers

Beacon 2020: Driving Workforce-Powered, Customer-Led Transformation

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We want to create sustainable, long-term economic empowerment in the communities in which we work and live. Our end goal will be to stop poverty before it starts. To do that, we must fix the root causes of poverty, not just its symptoms, through disruptive new approaches.

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