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Washington, DC

Our Washington, DC office opened in 2003, in the first year landed four major clients, and has grown significantly since inception through grass-roots relationship building. We now serve a market that spans the entire metro area, from the District to Maryland and five Virginia counties. Our client base represents the diversity and uniqueness of the greater D.C. metropolitan area, spanning multiple industries that include financial services, biotechnology, hospitality, utilities, nonprofits and associations, as well as Federal civilian agencies. Our owners leverage commercial best practices, combined with experience of working in complex federal programs and organizations, to benefit our clients across all industry segments.


Humanizing Business Transformation

For far too long, organizations have tended to approach business transformation from a purely numbers-based or operationally focused view. And while this point of view is still important, it fails to account for a critical component of successful transformation: humans, and their experience as recipients and activators of change.

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Driving Higher Value and ROI on Growth and Innovation

North Highland surveyed more than 200 senior business leaders about their growth and innovation (G&I) experiences. The results—presented throughout this report—spotlight the most prevalent challenges and their perceived impact on G&I returns.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Revolution of Work

Over 200 C-suite-level business leaders in the US and UK were asked about their level of knowledge and investments in AI within their organizations. The results—presented throughout this report—tell a story of underutilization and opportunity for organizations to transform and differentiate with AI.

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North Highland Named ALM Vanguard Leader For HR Technology Advisory Services Providers

In a 2016 report on HR Technology Advisory Services published by ALM Intelligence, North Highland was recognized for being a “best-in-class” provider of HR Technology Advisory Services. The ALM Vanguard of HR Technology Advisory Services assesses firms in terms of their relative ability to create impact for their clients and maps the providers by their relative position, based on both their services and momentum. The evaluations are done independently for each provider’s overall capabilities; however, they are based on a consistent set of criteria creating comparable data. Out of 19 providers deemed capable in HR Technology Advisory Services, and North Highland was ranked as one of seven Vanguard Leaders. • North Highland was commended for its dynamic approach that links “agile, neuroscience, and traditional organizational change management to embed a continuous improvement change process in HR technology transformations.” Other areas of North Highland’s practices were noted, including teaming with our division Sparks Grove, in the excerpts below: • “What differentiates North Highland is a high-touch consulting approach and local distribution of senior consulting talent across all markets it serves. Considering the depth and breadth of the firm’s expertise, combined with its client service orientation, North Highland is a compelling alternative to the asset-based, yet still high-priced consulting model of many providers.” • “North Highland also integrates the experience design competencies of its Sparks Grove division into HR technology consulting teams to strengthen its approach to agile implementation. The combination of these capabilities comes together in North Highland’s Employee Experience solution, a consulting service based on a model that maps the intersection of people, process, and technology to the internal and external systems in which an employee functions.” • North Highland’s approach lends to “creating a clear link between HR service delivery and business strategy. The firm offers the full complement of services across the HR technology services across the HR technology consulting value chain, delivering them through the People and Change practice in collaboration with data and analytics professionals.”


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