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The healthcare ecosystem has been tipped on its axis, and its full rotation is far from complete. Has your business model adapted enough to flourish in the new patient experience era?

We help providers, payers and public sector entities embrace new ways of doing business, bringing the experience and perspective gained working in each corner of the rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem. From digital strategy and IT governance to physician experience and organizational change management, North Highland helps deliver healthier patient and business outcomes.

How we help

Emerging America 

By the year 2020, more than half of American children age 18 years or younger will belong to a racial or ethnic minority group.1 Cultural competency is quickly emerging as one of the most  critical differentiators in the pursuit of patient purchasing power. Emerging America is North Highland's demographics-based strategy for hospital and payer market segmentation, designed to help  hospital companies better serve and fully harness the potential of this often under-engaged market.   
1. “Projections of the Size and Composition of the U.S. Population: 2014 to 2060,” US Census Bureau, March 3, 2015

Patient Experience

An explosion of data and choices, coupled with payment and delivery model reform, have made patient experience job #1 for providers and payers. North Highland's Patient Experience solution centers around a digital self-assessment tool that helps hospitals and health systems best leverage their internal human capital and identify opportunities to improve.

Physician Engagement

Successfully navigating the shift to value-based payment requires healthcare organizations to unify operational and clinical leadership, empowering physicians to be a force of positive change. These changes have the potential to render huge gains: engaged physicians are 26 percent more productive than their less engaged peers, and account for, on average, an extra $460,000 annually in patient revenue per physician. North Highland works with healthcare organizations to develop the cultural systems, strategies and tools that enable physicians and operational teams to co-create better outcomes.  


The U.S. telemedicine market is projected to soar past $30 billion by the end of 2020.  The potential upside for healthcare organizations is huge. But challenges associated with vendor management,  compliance and licensing, and technological maintenance threaten to stunt telemedicine's potential to deliver value. North Highland’s three-step Telehealth approach enables healthcare organizations to understand the size of their telemedicine opportunity, build  capabilities, and establish ongoing management for greater upside and less risk.

Specialty Pharmacy

North Highland's specialty pharmacy offering identifies margin-improvement opportunities across the entire pharmacy enterprise, and uses agile methodologies to deliver immediate results.  Our teams optimize and expand pharmacy operations through a rapid implementation and metric-driven interactive approach to achieve the greatest possible value in the shortest possible time.

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Rich Denness

Managing Director & Global Healthcare Lead Firm Leadership
Rich has 25 years in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Through his extensive healthcare background he has a breadth of experience in helping global companies set successful visions, exceeding operating plan objectives and meeting high level sales results.

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