Adapting to an evolving healthcare Landscape

For healthcare organizations, surviving and thriving in today’s ever shifting political, regulatory, and marketplace climate requires parallel thinking and action: Understanding how to adapt and innovate, while evolving existing strategies that have proven successful to date.

At North Highland, we’ve built a healthcare team with focus, intention, and purpose. Our experts have walked in your shoes and are skilled at identifying the key market drivers that are pushing the industry forward. We have honed advisory and program implementation services designed to provide our clients with the insights needed to expand their missions today and into the future.

How we help

Humanizing Healthcare

At the core of any business is its relationships with those it serves. Healthcare is a unique conglomeration of intersecting relationships designed to ultimately serve one key constituent – the consumer. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, particularly among all the other relationships vying for attention across the healthcare landscape. And it’s against this backdrop of competing priorities, that consumers often feel disenfranchised and frustrated. 

North Highland’s expertise is designed to calibrate and improve organizational performance by enhancing the experiences consumers have when accessing healthcare services – strengthening the connection between patients and the healthcare organizations who serve them.

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Enhancing Operational Performance

The U.S. healthcare system has evolved. Changing regulations and reimbursement models, emerging technologies, new clinical collaborations, mergers, and consumer demands require organizations to adapt. It is now essential to find groundbreaking yet cost-effective ways to deliver value and expand returns. North Highland’s approach to operational excellence is to help clients boost productivity while reducing expenses, as well as enhance service quality while maximizing profitability.

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Optimizing New Partnership Value

Whether faced with maximizing the value of a new acquisition, designing protocols that enhance the goals of a strategic partnership, or working to align culture and performance into a fast-growing organization, North Highland’s expertise yields the strategic, technical, and program implementation capabilities that help clients realize the full potential of their M&A and partnership initiatives.

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Expanding Market Presence

In an era when traditional retailers and health plans are creating new entities, technology companies are applying AI and other technologies to impact their client’s healthcare objectives, asserting clarity around your company’s value is key to both protecting as well as growing market presence. 

North Highland’s capabilities dig deep into the experiences that make a brand connect with constituents. Our work helps clients understand where their brand promise resonates, where it needs support, and uncovers new ways to communicate and align with healthcare consumers, providers, and channel partners that are vital to the healthcare ecosystem.

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Whether it’s managing growth and margin pressure during uncertain times, developing strategic collaborations to best serve customers, going deeper to truly understand member frustrations and experiences, or wrapping your arms around new technologies that can impact company performance – we get it and we can help.
Our healthcare team understands the challenges you face: increased margin pressures, mastering inventory and supply chain, and driving satisfaction, value, and outcomes. More importantly, we bring the blended expertise to help you design and activate the strategies needed to sustain resiliency in a value-based world.
You face unprecedented pressure to transform, compounded by an evolving regulatory environment, merger integration challenges, and heightened need to create value in a market being redefined by patient centricity. We’ll be your partner in helping you adapt and thrive amidst the change.
From honing in on the voice of the patient to understanding the impact of AI and robotics on drug discovery and development, we work hand-in-hand with the world’s leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations to capitalize on these challenges.
As a steady-handed, results-driven partner with expertise from strategy through front-line delivery, we help healthcare IT organizations tackle product development, client access, and financial viability challenges to stand out in a noisy and crowded industry.

                                    Our Leaders

Nancy Schultz

Vice President Market Lead
Nancy has more than 28 years of management consulting experience. Her consulting experience includes large program and project management experience across many industries, including healthcare, retail, and hospitality.

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