Life Sciences

Delivering Value and Optimal Outcomes

As life sciences entities work to transform from selling medicines to managing outcomes, North Highland is ready to help.

We work with nine of the world’s top life sciences companies to help them transform for the future: from enabling blockbuster launches to delivering personalized medicines; from science-based R&D processes to patient-centric development; from traditional to multichannel marketing. By working throughout the research – delivery continuum, North Highland provides the depth and breadth of experience and perspective needed to deliver outcomes-driven operational excellence.

Clinical Trial Transformation

Today, legacy operating models fall woe-fully short in the increasingly complex clinical trial landscape. North Highland works with clients to incorporate flexibil-ity, agility and innovation into R&D opera-tions, to get safe drugs to patients faster and less expensively.

Patient Centricity

The Experience Era, where nothing – not price, not quality – is more important than the experience companies provide, is impacting all aspects of life sciences operations.  By putting the patient at the center of operations, especially those related to drug development and clinic trials, North Highland helps our clients improve outcomes and the patient experience. 

Clinical Data Standards

Smart life sciences organizations don’t just implement compliance-driven stop gaps to meet expanding data standards and submission guidelines. They take a more strategic, future-ready approach. And North Highland shows them how, by helping develop and implement end-to-end data systems that enable higher quality, less expensive and completely compliant clinical development processes.

Expanded Access

Amidst increasing demand, growing public pressure, and uncertain legal and regulatory requirements, life sciences organizations must figure out how to provide expanded pre- and post-approval access to patients who need it most.

North Highland helps clients develop holistic programs that account for the complex strategic, operational and technological factors necessary to safely and ethically meet the needs of the most desperate patients. The end result is an operational excellence strategy for expanded access, achieved with ethics and patient safety at the core.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Despite internal and external pressures to accelerate multi-channel marketing, progress among life sciences organizations has been slowed by a complex regulatory environment, rapidly shifting customer expectations, and not-yet mature digital operations. North Highland speeds progress with processes and technologies that empower organizations to engage with customers when, how and where they are most likely to convert.

"I was looking for a consulting partner with deep expertise in planning and driving complex projects. North Highland provided highly experienced consultants who leveraged our internal framework, developed insightful and practical solutions for our projects, and helped myself and our internal team members build our own skills in managing and driving change going forward."

Executive Director, IT Global Pharmaceutical Company

                                    Our Leaders

Andrew Stainsby

Vice President
Andrew began his career conducting large-scale fire and explosion hazard tests for British Gas, before moving into the life sciences industry. He now specialises on leading large-scale, complex transformation programmes and business strategies across a number of sectors, and is the UK lead for our international strategic partnerships.

Sandy Jennings

Vice President
Sandy brings over 19 years of commercial pharmaceutical industry experience, including 12 years of senior leadership in Sales, Account Management and Operations. Sandy has focused on understanding of the evolving US pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical marketplace across a broad range of functional and therapeutic areas. Sandy has been honored by the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association with their “Rising Star” award, and has also been named as one of “68 Outstanding Women in the Healthcare Industry” by PharmaVoice

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