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For Life Sciences organizations, disruption is becoming the norm, requiring new strategies and rapid enterprise-wide change. Built on our capabilities from strategy through delivery, North Highland helps Life Sciences companies stay ahead of the competition.

We work with nine of the world’s top life sciences companies to help them transform for the future: from enabling blockbuster launches to delivering personalized medicines; from science-based R&D processes to patient-centric development; from traditional to multichannel marketing. By working throughout the research–delivery continuum, North Highland provides the depth and breadth of experience and perspective needed to deliver outcome-driven operational excellence.

Strategy Execution and Benefit Realization

New therapies, technologies, regulations, and healthcare models are triggering companies to constantly re-shape their strategies. Yet many strategies fail to realize their intended benefits because they are not effectively implemented. North Highland combines experienced consultants, deep capabilities, a spectrum of services, and role-based approaches to tailor highly effective strategy execution solutions. We prioritize rapid value and close client collaboration to help Life Sciences companies get return on their strategic investments.

Harnessing Human Experience

Human experience (HX) is emerging as a differentiator across industries and in Life Sciences it has the potential to shape all aspects of the enterprise, including patient and employee interactions - both in-person and digital. North Highland’s HX design approach focuses on creating experiences that are designed for meaning, purpose, and connection, helping clients capture the hearts and minds of patients, providers, payors, and employees.

Accelerating Value Post-Acquisition or Divesture

In partnering with highly acquisitive Life Sciences organizations, our post-M&A integration expertise generates greater, more rapid value from transactions by embedding sustainable integration capabilities that yield long-term strategic advantage. North Highland’s proprietary M&A Academy creates an immersive experience that ensures collective understanding around roles, responsibilities, processes, and governance following acquisition—so employees are onboarded with ease and are equipped to hit the ground running.

Enhancing Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency

The Life Sciences ecosystem has evolved to require the development and delivery of increasingly complex therapies and devices at lower costs. This can only be accomplished through improved operational efficiency and effectiveness. It is more critical than ever to find groundbreaking yet cost-effective ways to deliver value and expand returns. North Highland’s experienced teams help Life Sciences companies boost productivity while reducing expenses, automating functions with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and enhancing service quality while maximizing profitability.

Maximizing Business Insights from Data, Analytics, and Intelligence

Life Sciences companies are creating and analyzing unprecedented volumes of data, and digital initiatives promise even more in the years to come. Yet, many companies struggle with extracting the insights from data that prompt action. North Highland excels at bridging the gap between business and analytics teams to create data visualizations, dashboards, and insights that resonate with the business and guide trusted decision-making. We also prioritize AI-ready data to fuel technology that automates, accelerates, and enhances business intelligence.

Latest thinking

Podcast: Imagine If You Could Achieve Patient Centricity with AI

Imagine if a pharmaceutical company analyzed patient data and uncovered meaningful insights towards curing a global health epidemic. Could an algorithm diagnose cancer and determine the best course of precision medicine treatment? Instead of visiting the doctor when you’re getting a cold, could a hologram provide over-the-counter treatment recommendations? Join Sandy Jennings and Brian Clements as they explore the emerging ways that AI is making patient-centricity a reality in life sciences.
"I was looking for a consulting partner with deep expertise in planning and driving complex projects. North Highland provided highly experienced consultants who leveraged our internal framework, developed insightful and practical solutions for our projects, and helped myself and our internal team members build our own skills in managing and driving change going forward."

Executive Director, IT Global Pharmaceutical Company

                                    Our Leaders

Andrew Stainsby

Vice President
Andrew began his career conducting large-scale fire and explosion hazard tests for British Gas, before moving into the life sciences industry. He now specialises on leading large-scale, complex transformation programmes and business strategies across a number of sectors, and is the UK lead for our international strategic partnerships.

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