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connecting immersive retail experiences with the empowered consumer

Today’s retail landscape is being redrawn as a result of numerous technological and societal disruptions, from the growth of mobile devices as a retail channel to generational shifts in purchase behavior. North Highland helps retail and consumer products companies develop and execute new strategies that reposition their businesses for success.

Sixteen out of Fortune 500’s 110 retail and consumer products companies use North Highland’s practical strategies and on-the-ground support to connect their brands with consumers, optimize the use of sales channels, make supply chains more efficient, and enable information technology to drive business growth and consumer engagement.

How we can help

Brand & Product Management

As pricing increasingly drives consumer purchase behavior (and erodes margins), companies that create strong brands and innovative products will be best positioned to drive consumer awareness and engagement. North Highland helps retailers and consumer product companies develop memorable brand experiences and innovative product designs that connect with the “always-on” consumer.

Merchandising & Planning

Today’s “always-on” consumer has a non-negotiable set of expectations when making a purchase decision, namely, that products delivered are what they want, through the channel of their choice, at a competitive price. North Highland works with clients to develop strategies and processes around category management, assortment planning, and product pricing to ensure that these expectations are met.

Store Operations

As brick and mortar retailers face increasing costs related to enabling and fulfilling e-commerce sales, store operations need to be carefully managed to ensure that costs are contained while margins are maintained. North Highland partners with clients to help them optimize their use of in-store labor, point of sale technology, and on-hand inventory.

Connected Experience

Shopping no longer starts and stops at the storefront. Customers engage with brands long before they walk in and long after they pay. North Highland brings expertise in digital and CX to provide your customers with impactful experiences every step of the way.

Supply Chain Excellence

While the traditional supply chain still exists, new elements have been added to the equation, making it more difficult and more complex. North Highland adapts existing structures and systems to incorporate digital channels such as mobile and e-commerce.


Underlying the world of multi-channel consumer experiences is a world of fully integrated business operating models, processes and practices that transcend any individual channel. These overlap with traditional retail operations in marketing, merchandising, store operations and supply chain…to name a few. North Highland leverages multi-disciplinary teams to help our clients plan, structure and execute on this complex model.

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Jennifer Merritt

Vice President, Global Retail and Consumer Products Lead Expert
Jennifer is a consultant at North Highland as Client Executive for the Retail Industry in Atlanta for the past seven years. She is responsible for all consulting engagements and pursuits at Atlanta’s top retail and consumer packaged goods companies. She leads in the areas of Customer Experience definition and execution, as well as distribution network optimization and program management within Supply Chain.

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