Financial Services

increased regulation is the new normal

Financial services institutions must adapt to heightened scrutiny, advances in technology and greater consumer expectations. Our consulting services in the field of financial services and financial management help clients, including 18 of the top 25 global financial institutions, address challenges with solutions to manage risk, improve customer interactions, comply with regulations, improve processes and create a more engaged workforce.

What We Do

Business Integration is a way for large, multi-channeled corporations to more effectively come together and improve the way they sell and serve their customers. However, business integration is often not executed consistently, thus resulting in missed revenue opportunities.

Linked Execution, North Highland’s business integration methodology, starts by building a foundation upon the overall market environment and the company’s own vision, strategy and goals. There are five key components that can be implemented as a group or independently of one another. The process helps a company clearly evaluate and improve the way it presents its entire portfolio of products and services more effectively to their customers across all channels of interaction.
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Capital markets are amazing to see in action. Trillions of dollars flow through the system every day, connecting buyers and sellers in a myriad of venues and instruments. With globalization at the forefront, the industry is likely to see new exchange mergers, massive investments in infrastructure, and the prospect of unified regulatory bodies with international reach. North Highland’s capital markets experts track trends and best practices in the areas of regulation, market structure, and investment management in order to develop solutions that help our clients adapt to an ever-changing market.
Commercial (wholesale) banking is a growth business across many financial service companies around the globe.  Client segments include small business, middle market and large corporate.  North Highland's dedicated commercial bank community focuses on the areas of credit (lending) & treasury (payments and receipts) client solutions to better enable these sales forces and to stay up to date on trends and best practice solutions.
Payments are a key component of our everyday personal and business lives.  Innovative technology, new regulations and competition are changing the payments landscape. Financial services institutions no longer own the space. Third party providers are at the forefront of innovation. FSIs risk being relegated to providing the "plumbing" for payment transactions. The point of sale for retailers is disappearing. Businesses are pressured to better manage their cash flow. Card processors must change their outdated business model. North Highland has innovative solutions for our clients to thrive in these changing times.

The focus on market differentiation based on service, cost and product features drives insurers to be more innovative and efficient. North Highland assists all types of insurance companies (LA&H, P&C, Specialty, Reinsurance, Commercial) across back office, product management, and customer facing processes. In addition to primary insurers, we work with complementary financial, distribution and marketing partners to deliver comprehensive solutions for our clients and their customers.

Whether it’s strategy, operational execution, change management, or process improvement, we can help your organization capitalize on its competencies.

With the financial crisis largely behind us, leaders in the mortgage banking industry face an entirely new set of challenges. Originators, lenders, mortgage insurance providers, servicers and investors alike must adapt to these trends. North Highland works with clients to navigate these trends while also preparing for a wild card - be it a Federal Reserve policy, political interference, a surprise loan performance, or a sharp change in housing values - that could at any time play havoc on their business or the industry.
Consumers are facing a greater set of options to engage their bank. With an aging population colliding with a generation which demands instant interaction, banks are forced to maintain legacy infrastructure while rolling out new interaction tools and methods. The need to manage heightened expectations, increasing cost structures, channel proliferation and conflicting messages presents a continuing challenge for today’s consumer and small business banks. North Highland’s dedicated retail banking experts focus on the areas of customer interaction, channel management, consumer marketing and process optimization.
New or continually evolving regulatory requirements make complying more difficult while heightened scrutiny and greater sanctions make noncompliance more costly. An effective Risk Management framework prioritizes the attention of the board and management to the units, products and processes that pose the greatest risk or lack commensurate control effectiveness.  We are helping clients transform their risk management and regulatory compliance through change management, process changes, technology solutions and system upgrades.
As people become more aware of the need to save and spend in the right ways, financial firms are embracing trends to become more client centric, more operationally efficient, and more engaging for customers. Focusing on front office and distribution channels, marketing and client experience, operations, corporate functions, information technology, and other key functional areas, North Highland helps clients hone in on their strongest core competencies and find new ways to capitalize on them.

Joanna Hall

Financial Services UK Lead

Joanna has over 25 years of experience working with business leaders in the financial services sector. She has an excellent track record of innovation which has helped her enhance businesses through transformational projects that combine business; marketing and IT related propositions within both the corporate and retail areas of the market. Joanna is passionate about helping organizations make it easier for their customers to do business with them and sees digital playing a key role in supporting business growth and driving cost efficiencies.

Jill Jacques

Jill Jacques

Global Financial Services Lead

Jill is the Global Financial Services Lead with North Highland. She has over 17 years financial services experience in both consulting and industry leadership positions, with a particular emphasis on advisor/advisory growth. Jill consults on front-, middle- and back-office strategies, with an emphasis on client experience and advisor/employee adoption. She leads North Highland's Fiduciary SME team and is a thought leader in shaping the industry's response to the new fiduciary standard of care, through her contributions to publications such as Kennedy Consulting, Investment Advisor, and Employee Benefit Advisor. You can contact her at


John Doyle

Vice President

John has over 18 years combined corporate and consulting experience across a variety of industries including financial services, media and entertainment, high tech and electronics, and healthcare. His areas of expertise include operational strategy and execution, change management, process design, ERP implementation, and CRM. Prior to joining North Highland, John held leadership positions with LRN and Accenture.