Financial Services

increased regulation is the new normal

It’s not going away. It’s not losing speed. Its impact is not diminishing. For the financial services industry, customer- and competitor-driven disruption, coupled with heightened regulatory oversight, is now business-as-usual.

It’s time to stop simply meeting the industry status. North Highland partners with financial services and management organizations, including 20 of the top 25 global financial institutions, to help them convert disruption and regulation into growth opportunities. Through proactive risk management, innovative process improvement, and customer and employee experiences that differentiate, North Highland helps financial services organizations of all sizes grow and innovate in an uncertain market.

How we help

Wealth Management & Retirement

Today, it’s less about the products you offer and more about the experiences you provide. The need to differentiate through authentic, value-rich customer experiences – when and where customers want them – is greater than ever. At North Highland, experiences are our thing. We empower firms and advisors to grow their businesses.

Risk, Regulation & Compliance

The objective is not to avoid risk and regulation; it is to strategically build a culture that is resilient and transformation-ready to thrive in a state of near-constant change. North Highland helps financial services organizations embrace uncertainty by building internal capabilities around risk management, controls, and compliance to adapt faster, smarter and for greater returns.

Wholesale Banking

Just as their customers are demanding more of them, wholesale banking clients demand more of their financial services partners. North Highland helps organizations apply forward-looking practices from customer experience and performance improvement to generate greater returns at all stages of the wholesale banking customer lifecycle.

Retail, Consumer & Mortgage Banking

In order to meet rising consumer demands for ease and integration, financial services organizations are having to redefine who they are. It’s not enough to be bankers anymore: Financial services organizations must be sophisticated technology experts, too. In this increasingly digital marketplace, North Highland helps organizations get beyond parity to create true differentiation with next-generation capabilities. From planning and strategy to design and implementation, our work helps financial services organizations align and mobilize holistically to realize returns faster with a high-value, streamlined customer experience.

Capital Markets

In a climate marked by costly regulatory burdens and market volatility, smart financial services organizations are seizing this time of transition to optimize their operations and convert efforts into profits faster. From digitization to human capital optimization, North Highland works with financial services organizations to structure, measure, and leverage investments in ways that render greater incremental returns.

Credit Unions

We understand that credit unions are different than banks: different needs, different challenges and different ways of doing business. North Highland works with credit unions of all sizes to deliver member-centric experiences that improve earnings, efficiencies, managing third party service providers and operations while proactively managing risk and regulation.

                                    Our Leaders

Charles Vivian

Managing Director Firm Leadership
Charles serves as Managing Director, enhancing the firm's client strategy and activities. With more than 20 years of experience and based in London, Charles is laser focused on ensuring that North Highland is focused on broadening and enhancing the services we provide to better meet the evolving needs of our clients and to respond to the rapidly changing business environment. He has a background in starting and building businesses both as a consultant and as a founder and CEO.

Jill Jacques

Global Financial Services Lead Expert
Jill is the Global Financial Services Lead with 19+ years of experience in consulting and industry leadership positions. Jill consults on front-, middle- and back-office strategies, with an emphasis on client experience and advisor/employee adoption. She leads the Fiduciary SME team and is a thought leader in shaping the industry's response to the new standard of care through her contributions to various publications.

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