diversity - our competitive advantage

North Highland’s commitment to diversity is more than a recruiting function – it’s our competitive advantage. A team made up of people from all backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities allow us to view problems from a broader perspective and architect solutions that challenge operating norms and disrupt the market. 

nancy schultz


Nancy Schultz, managing director North Highland’s Nashville office, shared her experience growing North Highland in the male-dominated health care industry with the Nashville Business Journal.

“My dad always told me to be bold, ask for forgiveness not permission,” said Schultz. “I’ve always taken the adage that you do good work, you show your value, and you earn your stripes. Earn your responsibilities.”

Women in Leadership Podcast

Picture this: A 22-year-old freshly minted engineer gets assigned a process improvement project on the machine shop floor after a devastating round of lay-offs. The grizzled third-shift machinists in SW Virginia weren’t exactly welcoming. But Maria Bothwell, former North Highland Managing Director, describes this very assignment as one of her most formative leadership experiences. Listen to Maria describe her leadership journey in our latest “Unleashing Potential Together” podcast: 

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women in leadership


Conserte Consulting:

Deirdra Glover is the founder and CEO of Conserte Consulting, a North Highland partner firm. With a core focus in transformational and change consulting, Conserte offers not only a unique portfolio of services, but a unique perspective on business through the lens of a diverse, female founder.

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