Data and Analytics

Data that Delivers A Fresh Perspective.

High quality analysis can help transform data into your most dynamic competitive asset. Unleash your organization’s potential with analytics and insights that help you describe, predict and improve performance.

We help companies move past hype, make informed decisions, respond to change and prepare for the future. We bring together industry experience and technical skill to meet client objectives, boost investment in systems and data, and achieve fast, meaningful results that you can trust, with low risk.

How We Can Help

Customer/Marketing Intelligence

Today’s customers are increasingly engaged, empowered and connected. Driving loyalty, profitability and sustainable growth requires being able to understand and predict how customers will behave and how they want you to use your knowledge of that behavior to personalize their experience for them.  

Operational Intelligence

Drive your business with effective information assets that describe what happened, predict what will happen next and prescribe what you should do about it. Make the right decision, at the right time, with faster, more productive, more beneficial information at your fingertips.

North Highland Insights Lab

We help brands extract patterns and rich insights from the noise of social media, applying that data to solve pressing business challenges and take advantage of opportunities they didn’t know existed. 

                                    Our Leaders

Dwight Specht

Vice President, Data and Analytics Expert
Dwight focuses on delivering customer and marketing intelligence solutions that help clients more closely connect with, drive higher quality experiences for, and predict the behavior of, their customers. Passionate about the business value of advanced analytics and BI technologies, the data and analytics team is highly experienced at data strategy, governance, master data management, business intelligence deployment, visualization and predictive modeling.

Michael Hollar

Vice President, Data and Analytics, West Region Expert
Michael is the West Region Lead for our Data & Analytics, Digital and Experience Design capabilities and Customer Experience (CX) Service Line. He brings 20 years of data-driven solutions experience, with work spanning enterprise data strategy, capability and org development, purpose-built custom solutions and enterprise analytic applications. Prior to consulting, he built and led a global BI/DW shared services team for Thomson Technicolor in Paris.

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