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Harnessing the Power of Experience Design

Intentional design inspires, enables and drives business value by creating meaningful experiences. It senses, anticipates and solves for human needs in simple, uncomplicated ways and fosters deep, authentic connections between brands and the employees, customers and communities who surround them.

Through experience design agency Sparks Grove we apply design thinking to plan, make, and execute experiences across the entire experience chain. We use insight, foresight, strategy, design, and development to transform businesses to more human centered, purpose-driven organizations.

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Our futurists look at what lies ahead to create possible scenarios for change. Through organizational futures, provocative POVs and artifacts, and UX/CX/EX visioning, we inspire clients to imagine long-term possibilities for experiences to better inform present day strategy.

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Our designers bring strategy to life by connecting the touchpoints between here and now, deploying technologies such as prototyping, customer and employee experience design, interaction design, and service design.


Our researchers empower organizations to make informed decisions through a deep understanding of the humans they serve. Our team brings full human context to solution design through behavioral archetypes, NPS and customer satisfaction metrics, customer environment maps, and voice of customer/employee.

                                    Our Leaders

Bill Lawrence

Vice President
Bill serves as Vice President and global lead of the marketing and design practice, as well as the experience design agency Sparks Grove. Through his extensive work, Bill has a broad spectrum of expertise include digital transformation, experience innovation, customer insights and more.

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