Enabling An Integrated Digital Future

As competition increases in the digital age, IT departments face unprecedented pressure to transcend routine “keep the lights on” activities and accelerate digitally-enabled innovation across the organization.

At North Highland, we understand that technology is more than a standalone solution—it’s a catalyst for enterprise-wide change that shapes ways of working, processes, and people. From building platforms for clients to embedding sustainable technology-based competencies within their organizations, we bring blended, multi-disciplinary teams that can navigate the complexities of processes and people to ensure that your technology stack is a source of innovation and differentiation.

How we help

Technology Operations

Technology is never just technology. Our experts understand how it operates within the context of the enterprise, and can navigate processes and people to ensure clients have realized the full value of their technology investments. We help clients become more agile, build solutions differently, and manage infrastructure-enabling IT to reimagine the value it delivers to the organization.


We design and build comprehensive, modern systems through systems architecture, technology strategy, application rationalization, security, and strategic vendor selection and management. Our dynamic and human-centric approach to enterprise architecture brings people, ways of working, and technology together to form both strategic direction and a practical roadmap to an evolving enterprise.

Platforms and Applications

We select and deploy software applications to help clients intelligently automate their business and more effectively manage their customer experiences. Our expertise helps clients solve challenges beyond human scale.

Application Engineering

With a focus on complex, custom solutions, we build and modernize applications that support workforce enablement and customer interactions. Our expertise spans the full application lifecycle including design, prototyping, development, support, and maintenance.

our leadership

Dwight Specht

Vice President, Data and Analytics, Technology Expert
Dwight focuses on delivering customer and marketing intelligence solutions that help clients more closely connect with, drive higher quality experiences for, and predict the behavior of, their customers. Passionate about the business value of advanced analytics and BI technologies, the data and analytics team is highly experienced at data strategy, governance, master data management, business intelligence deployment, visualization and predictive modeling.

Paul Welty

Associate Vice President, Technology Expert
Paul has 20+ years of experience in web, mobile, print, strategy, marketing, branding and technology—from sales to strategy to execution. He ensures technology helps organizations connect internally or externally. He has worked with business and technology in the academic, nonprofit, manufacturing, retail, finance, telecommunications and hospitality industries, and has created online solutions including extranets, intranets, and websites and integrations.

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