Technology and Digital

Tech and Digital Innovation That's Future-Proof.

Technology and digital disruptors have perhaps the greatest potential to reshape markets than any force in history. The impacts of such disruptions are far-reaching, affecting every organization, in every sector, in every industry. 

At North Highland, we help organizations drive market gains by aligning technology and digital with strategy and culture, optimizing the types of tools and services that drive informed decision-making, enable internal collaboration and create platforms for meaningful customer engagement.

How We Can Help

Digital Transformation

Businesses today are challenged to deliver value quickly, at scale, and with agility. These organizations know they need to adopt a digital approach but are challenged to make it work. Digital Transformation helps customers become a digital business across its people, processes and technology.

Digital Applications

From strategy to development to support, we solve business problems with digital technology. Web, mobile, CRM, CMS, or intranet, we create custom, customer- and employee-focused digital applications that are rapidly built and can be continuously improved throughout their life.

AI & Cognitive Services

We help organizations evaluate and integrate artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning into organizational ecosystems to improve business performance, enhance customer and employee experiences, and grow through innovation and differentiation. 

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                                    Our Leaders

Ben Grinnell

Managing Director and Global Head of Technology & Digital Firm Leadership
Ben is a Managing Director and Global Technology and Digital Service Line Lead. His career has spanned from Programmer to Architect to Programme Manager to CIO. The last 15 years he has advised the c-suite on how to transform functions to accelerate robust delivery without building technical debt. He's a conference speaker and expert panelist on DevOps and is helping large enterprises with their digital transformation journeys.

Paul Welty

Senior Technology Director, Sparks Grove Expert
Paul has 20+ years of experience in web, mobile, print, strategy, marketing, branding and technology—from sales to strategy to execution. He ensures technology helps organizations connect internally or externally. He has worked with business and technology in the academic, nonprofit, manufacturing, retail, finance, telecommunications and hospitality industries, and has created online solutions including extranets, intranets, and websites and integrations.

Paul Falor

Chief Information Officer and Head of Technology Strategic Alliances Firm Leadership
As North Highland’s chief information officer and head of technology strategic alliances, Paul Falor is driven by a passion to enable efficiency and innovation through technology. Paul has spent more than two decades leading information technology and information security initiatives for companies in the financial services and consulting industries.

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