Evolve or Die.

Organizations that thrive in times of transformation behave more like organisms than machines. They evolve. They adapt. They are resilient enough to bend without breaking. They are courageous enough to prepare for a future that does not yet exist.

Organizations that approach transformation with these characteristics earn the ability to manifest their own competitive advantage. Amidst game-changing transformation – North Highland helps organizations tap into these necessary characteristics, developing flexible strategies that enable culture, talent and infrastructure, coupled with the industry and consulting expertise to bring those strategies to life.

How We Can Help

Enterprise Transformation

Delivering true transformation and managing strategic change requires an ability to assess, synergize and nurture each element with a vision for the future. Our approach applies organizational strategy and transformation management, agile change, strategic PMO and performance management to derive success from complex, interdependent, multifaceted initiatives.

Structural Transformation 

Mergers, acquisitions, alliances and divestures deliver make-or-break types of structural change. Nothing makes us happier than molding structural changes into a strategic advantage that brings more – more money, more capabilities and more opportunities.

Legislative-Driven Industry Solutions

When government regulations impact an organization’s operating model, we transform compliance into a competitive advantage, with deep industry knowledge, advisory expertise and differentiated knowledge capital.

Agile Transformation

Improving enterprise agility is an imperative because of the need for even more meaningful customer engagement and deep workforce enablement. While often overlooked, cultural change is key to unlocking the value of enterprise agility. We offer a set of integrated and holistic services that create long-lasting habits that improve product quality, time to market, and embrace customer priorities.

Customer-Centric Transformation

Organizations today are challenged to meet and exceed ever-changing customer expectations. We create customer-first organizations by establishing a culture of customer-centricity and building the skills, organizational structures, data and insights practices, and ways of working to maintain a differentiated advantage.

                                    Our Leaders

Navid Ahdieh

Managing Director Firm Leadership
Navid serves as a Managing Director at North Highland, bringing 20 years of management consulting expertise in designing and embedding future-focused operating models and capabilities. With an extensive transformation background, Navid has led the cultivation and strengthening of high-growth, highly diversified financial services accounts spanning multiple markets.

David Ehlen

Associate Vice President Expert
David has helped his clients successfully manage complex transactions through the design and execution of Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture programs for 12+ years. He has specific expertise within pro-forma operating strategy, functional planning, transition service agreement management and Day 1 Readiness planning. He is a published M&A thought leader and a trusted advisor and has also had experience working in a wide variety of industries.

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