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More than just the individuals responsible for key enterprise functions, departments or business areas, executives drive business agility by ensuring that the enterprise, and every function within it, is contributing to the overall organizational strategy. This requires tools and solutions to provide enterprise-wide visibility, drive effective decision making and help maintain accountability to the organization’s strategic plan.




  • Alignment of all investments with strategy – everything starts with the strategic priorities, goals and objectives, with investments derived and funded directly from those strategic priorities.  With a single source of all strategic work the process of communicating those priorities and investments across the organization becomes easier, helping to ensure that every stakeholder is managing to a common set of priorities and can take the appropriate action at all times.


  • Orchestrating strategic roadmaps at the macro level – roadmaps are a great tool for communicating with all levels of the organization. They are intuitive, can convey a lot of information in a single visualization, and are easy to create and update. However, they must be integrated across your entire organization. To optimize the ability to convey information and understand everything from relationships, dependencies and milestones, your roadmaps must be generated directly from your strategic priorities, updated to reflect actual performance and communicated whenever adjustments occur.


  • Managing to clearly defined outcomes – having the right strategic priorities is critical, and being able to define all work directly from those strategies helps build alignment across the entire organization. This is an area where even the best organizations struggle. Measurement of actual performance, especially for non-financial metrics becomes little more than guesswork, if it even happens at all. But performance measurement is the only way of ensuring your investment decisions are generating the expected return. You cannot pursue business agility unless you are sure that it is generating optimal performance for your business.

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