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Overview of HCaTS

Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) is a Government-Wide, Multiple Award, Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (MA-IDIQ) task order contract vehicle managed by GSA and OPM. The objective of HCaTS is to provide Federal agencies, and other GSA authorized users, with a total integrated and customized solution for training and development services, human capital strategy, and organizational performance improvement at all department levels (e.g., enterprise, unit, individual). HCaTS provides Federal agencies with both direct access and assisted acquisition access to these Human Capital and Training Solution services through delegated procurement authority and OPM assisted acquisition services. The services to be provided under HCaTS are intended to meet all federal human capital, human resources, and training and development requirements.

                                                                                          Pool 1 Contract Number: GS02Q16DCR0033

                                                                                          Download Federal Pool Contract 1

                                                                                          Pool 2 Contract Number: GS02Q16DCR0071

                                                                                          Download Federal Pool Contract 2

                                                                                          DUNS Number: 804665990                                  

                                                                                          Period of Performance: September 25th 2021 – May 11th 2026

                                                                                  Contract Type: Fixed-Price {all types}, Time-and Materials (T&M), and Labor-Hour (LH)                                                                               

                                                                                  Authorized Users: All Federal Agencies and authorized GSA Schedule Users

                                                                                  Contract Access Fee (CAF): 2%

Contractor capabilites for HCaTS

North Highland provides a full range of business and transformational solutions that establish human capital strategies, streamline HR operations and performance, develop leaders, empower people, support Human Resource Information Technology (HRIT), and maximize customer satisfaction.

Today, federal agencies are interested in implementing leading practices from public and private sector organizations. North Highland’s experience working across many sectors can provide insight into innovative approaches to help federal agencies adapt and transform. Over the past five years, North Highland has led and supported over 450 Human Capital and Training projects including many for the federal government.

We support a broad range of services under HCaTS including:


Training and Development Services

Human Capital Strategy Services

Organizational Performance Improvement Services

Training Program Management

Talent Management

Performance Metrics and Improvement

Technical Skills & Knowledge Training

Human Capital Management

Strategic Planning and Alignment

Career Development & Management

Change Management


Leadership, Management & Supervisory Training

Performance Management

Data Analytics

General Skills & Knowledge 

Employee Value Proposition

Business Process Improvement & Reengineering

Training Development & Coaching

Knowledge and Competency Management

Organizational Assessment and Transformation


We have enabled federal agencies to broaden their talent management and human capital capabilities by building and supporting:

  • Organizational design and workforce planning strategies that support mission success;
  • Alternative and virtual workforce strategies to maintain productive and engaged employees;
  • Improvements in organizational capability and design to move agencies into the Digital workforce;
  • Provision of reskilling and upskilling to prepare for known and unknown organizational needs;
  • Talent Management, succession planning, and employee engagement strategies to improve Employee Viewpoint Scores (EVS) (e.g. Best Places to Work);
  • Adoption of Agile and DevOps practices across the organization; and
  • HR Technologies and Processes to support performance improvement and transformation improving retention across a multi-generational workforce.

Team Members

Careerstone Group

Careerstone Group is a full-service organizational and leadership development firm whose organizational development, consulting, training and coaching services bring leading-edge talent development solutions to business and government. Careerstone solutions help Federal clients develop high-engagement, high performance workplaces where both the organization and individual can excel.

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HCaTS Points of Contacts

                                                 Corporate HCaTS Program Manager

                                                                   Chris McCarthy

                                                                  (202) 256-4795



                                                 Corporate HCaTS Contract Manager

                                                                 Emily Schulman

                                                                 (914) 262-6981