Pioneering the Next Frontier of Growth With Managed Services

Looking for growth in the energy imbalance market, a wholesale electricity provider selected North Highland's Managed Services solution to drive a range of related projects and programs needed to break into and succeed in the energy imbalance market. With this solution, we brought expertise across multiple functions to make transformation possible. Now, the client's future is bright: it enjoys promising growth prospects with access to a new customer base, sharpened internal skillsets, and faster speed-to-value in the recruitment and onboarding process. Today, the provider is ready to pioneer the next frontier of growth in the utilities industry.

Client Situation

Our client, a wholesale electricity provider, wanted to sell its carbon-free power into an energy imbalance market. An energy imbalance market is a collective energy market that balances supply and demand in near real-time, delivering the lowest cost power automatically. As part of a broader grid modernization initiative, the move would help the utilities provider unlock beneficial pricing opportunities, serve customers more efficiently, and provide environmentally friendly power. And first, breaking into the new market would require a fundamental transformation in operations and ways of working. To that end, the client needed to deploy a robust portfolio of interrelated projects, but it lacked the existing in-house capacity and capability. Historically, the organization had struggled to bring in outside talent due to inefficiencies in recruiting and onboarding processes. This client engaged North Highland to bring domain and industry expertise, in the form of a Managed Service, to deliver its projects—all with the highest standards of quality and value.

Managed Services propelled the client’s transformation, helping it break into a new market.

Value Delivered 

Managed Services propelled the client’s transformation, helping it break into a new market. With a presence in the energy imbalance market, the utility provider can expand its customer base and serve them in new ways. We’ve also made a lasting impact on its workforce by embedding new processes, tools, and expertise within PMOs; for instance, we trained the client on Agile ways of working and recommended best practices for requirements tracking that in-house employees can carry forward. Finally, we drove additional value in the form of increased efficiency, reducing the recruiting and onboarding timeline by 50 percent. Not only did we eliminate the opportunity costs associated with inefficient talent processes (e.g., ramp-up time), but our turnover rates were also below the industry average. Overall, this acceleration helped the client maximize value with teams pre-wired to hit the ground running.