Removing Barriers to Transformation, Virtually

North Highland helped a global law firm deliver a new IT strategy, reimagining its core document platform, end-user computing, and collaboration tools. Through this effort, the client not only sought to adopt technology but also transform how lawyers collaborated on documents and critical initiatives. With our Transformation MomentumSM solution, we helped the firm reduce the organizational friction surrounding change, build transformation capability, and amplify value with a fluid, holistic approach that balanced business, client, and employee needs.

Client Situation

Across the legal industry, future profitability hinges on the adoption of emerging technologies and ways of working. In other words, embracing new tools and processes is table stakes for survival. Our client had long prided itself on having the advanced technology and internal products needed to sustain its position as a leading international law firm serving top-level clients. Its core technology, however, had been falling behind. The firm faced constant pressure to increase efficiency and control costs as new entrants disrupted the industry. Executives quickly realized they needed to fundamentally transform their technology platform to help the firm reinvent itself and accelerate breakthroughs.

North Highland’s Transformation Momentum solution successfully enabled large-scale transformation while maximizing value creation in a virtual setting.

Value Delivered 

Despite the restrictions imposed by strict COVID-19 shutdowns during the pilot and deployment, North Highland’s Transformation Momentum solution propelled large-scale transformation while maximizing value creation in a virtual setting. First, we retired legacy applications and infrastructure that were getting in the way of progress. From there, we deployed a more flexible, scalable platform. Plus, new ways of working and collaborating improved the firm’s capability and capacity for change—arming it with the confidence needed to scrutinize legacy setups and drive improvement continuously. By building propensity for change, the firm is now better positioned to seek transformational opportunities in the months and years to come. The result? Value that pays dividends in the form of improved efficiency, enhanced employee capability, and more seamless client interactions.