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IT portfolio managers need visibility into all work, regardless of how it is being executed. To contribute to business agility, IT portfolio managers must be able to see an integrated picture of everything that is happening – across all of the tri-modal reality – while also moving beyond just managing traditional projects. Only then can they support the ability to optimize business value.




  • Many of the challenges for IT portfolio managers can be tied back to the inability to manage digital assets effectively and efficiently.  The combined reliance on manual maintenance of information, and the absence of the right tools for the job, result in the application inventory being a one-time exercise or, at best, a periodic snapshot.  Without an accurate, complete and current inventory feeding the application portfolio management process, it can never be successful.


  • IT portfolio managers also experience some significant challenges even after they have developed an inventory and implemented tools and approaches to manage that inventory. It’s vital to have an enterprise architecture solution to provide a view of the application portfolio to develop a roadmap for rationalization and modernization that can then be implemented in alignment with strategic business priorities.


  • IT organizations also struggle to convert application portfolio management into actions through effective execution. The ability to consistently select, manage and deliver the right investments to enhance the digital portfolio while supporting business capabilities and objectives remains difficult for many – especially across the tri-modal reality.

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