Consultancy.UK: North Highland helps The Felix Project scale volunteer operations

With the cost-of-living crisis making it harder for households to make ends meet, the role of food charities has become increasingly important across the UK. Consulting firm North Highland recently worked to help UK food redistribution charity The Felix Project scale across London. 

As it sought to scale its operations to sustainably meet the needs of hungry people across London, The Felix Project engaged consultants from North Highland to achieve two key priorities.  

It hoped to gain a detailed understanding of the end-to-end process and activities involved with corporate partnerships to enable the design, pilot, and launch of a new corporate partnership model to increase effectiveness and scalability. And it needed a series of “train-the-trainer”-style sessions to be designed and delivered, which could help upskill leaders in key management competencies, and increase employee engagement through a renewed focus on people development. 

Learn about the solution North Highland designed and implemented for the Felix Project in Consultancy.UK

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