Rochelle Rivas on the Nontraditional Approach to Mentorship

Often, corporate America will assign a mentor to you based on commonalities, such as job title or level of expertise. However, those instances don’t always prove beneficial to either individual. This is where a more nontraditional approach to mentorship is the key to personal and career growth. Rochelle Rivas, Managing Director and Industry Development Lead, shares insights on her approach and how others can adopt it on the Progressive Women’s Leadership Podcast. 

During the session, Rochelle details her unconventional take on mentorship: empowering individuals to be selective in choosing their mentors and mentees, establishing rules of engagement early, and preparing a break-up plan for relationships that don’t work as expected or have run their course. 

“When searching for a mentor, don’t choose the most successful person,” said Rivas. “Pick someone who has a character trait or skill that you want to develop in yourself.” 

Interested in Rochelle’s deep dive into the journey of mentorship? Watch the full interview here: