Cordence Worldwide Releases Enabling The Value Of Time Report

Report Reviews Consumer Behavior Towards Autonomous Vehicles

July 30 2018 (ATLANTA) - Management consulting firm North Highland, in partnership with Cordence Worldwide, is pleased to announce the publication of “Enabling the Value of Time,” a report on the implications for the interior design of autonomous vehicles. The report highlights the attitudes and requirements of future users of autonomous vehicles in regard to using travel time beyond just traveling.

The report draws on the results of a 2017 survey conducted by Horváth & Partners in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and the partners of the Cordence Worldwide alliance. The survey examined five countries and 2,500 participants to determine consumer interest regarding the use of autonomous vehicles and users’ interest regarding ancillary activities during automated driving.

The goal of the 2017 survey was to determine consumer’s attitudes towards autonomous vehicles regarding using travel time for various activities besides driving. “Enabling the Value of Time” shares the discoveries of the study, including the conclusion that almost 50 percent of responders would pay more than EUR 500 ($585.02) for automated driving functions, and that sleeping and relaxing are the most commonly desired use for time spent in autonomous vehicles.

Among the five countries included in the survey were the United States, France, Germany, China and Japan. Diverse results came from the global array of participants, such as how participants from the U.S. show a high level of interest to “work and be productive” in autonomous vehicles, whereas in France “sleeping and relaxing” and “eating and drinking” are among the highest usage interests. Additionally, the study found China to have the highest level of willingness to use autonomous mobility solutions.

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